What size tanks do you use?

Hey what size tanks are you using for reclaim and on board water? I was thinking to get the biggest one I could but I’m reading that people usually don’t run out of 100 gal ??

Residential cleaning

We use the earth for our reclaim water. We vacuum as needed, filter a bit and discharge to landscaping.

Our onboard supply tanks total 600 gallons but we usually only travel with half full.

If you are speaking about a buffer tank for use with adequate on-site water supplies then 100 gallons should be fine with a 4 gpm or lightly larger unit.

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We have a 5.5 gal/min machine in our trailer. We do mostly resi at this point and have a 55 gal buffer and 55 gal roof tank. The 55 gal buffer is plenty w my 5.5 gal/min machine. And im talking about running on site water.

One of our residential units (5.5gpm) uses a 15 gallon inductor float tank. Its plenty 99% of the time. Our flatbed truck with the hot water skid (6.5gpm) has a 100 gallon tank. We can usually do a dumpster pad if we show up full and there is no water on site. Our big trailer can take 550 gallons, (has two 5.5 gpm machines on it) but we only take that out for TOA/multi family projects. I’ve found that even 550 gallons is not enough if there is no water on site for even moderately sized projects. I’m planning to switch our big trailer down to an enclosed one with just a 250 gallon tank in it, with 1" supply hose…when I can afford it.

My philosophy is if you are using water on site, bring as small a tank as you can. Anything we do that doesn’t have water on site is either a small project or we rent a hydrant meter from the city. One time we cleaned a rural bridge and used water from the river rather then rent a water wagon etc.

In terms of reclaim, we filter out solids and oil and discharge into landscaping, so we only take the solids with us, not the water. We use a 55 gallon barrel for this when we have large projects requiring reclaim.

We run a 275 for water, and a 65 roof tank. Probably going to change to 100 for each.

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125 gal for our 8 gpm and 65 gal for roofs. gonna change to 275 for 8gpm

100 gallon for (2) 5.5’s.

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We run 2 eight gpm units per trailer so we have 525 gal tanks. May seem like over kill but I’d rather have the extra capacity than not have it and need it. We only travel with 100 gals or less. The box truck has 2 eight gpm units with a 300 gal tank to save space, it’s a residential set up only, the trailers swing both ways…commercial & residential…lol!

We have on the flatbed around 900 gal of water that we can carry since we rinse at high volume. As for reclaim we have 55gallon drums to vac up sludge and filter it to 2 other 55gallon drums if needed. I don’t reclaim water for re-use so I don’t have a designated reclaim water tank.

I should add that we have another 300gal water tank on another trailer and a 465gal water tank that we can plop in a pickup truck. I use all of this when I have at least 4-5 guys Powerwashing on some large jobs with 8.5gpm each up to 10.5gpm. High volume you need to be able to carry a decent amount of water when needed.

Using a 275 buffer tank with 4000 psi 4.5 gpm and
225 gallon tank for roof chemicals in front.

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Rob, that’s a lot of weight on a single axle trailer, no?

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It probably would be if I always carried full tanks, but I don’t.
Usually the rear tank is almost empty when I travel, 25 gallons at best.
Front may only have 1/4 to 1/2 like it was when I took the picture.

I am now looking for a TA about 14-16’, picked up a 500 gallon water tank that I need to add onto. Have not decided which way to go, either open or closed.

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None of my business, but with your current set up a 12’ duel axle trailer would be a better choice. Any longer and it gets hard to get into (And out of) small areas let alone turn around. Also (Again with current st up) a 500 gal tank is not needed and will take up valuable space.

Enclosed trailer would be a great rolling billboard.

Just Saying…

I agree a 12 would be good going to replace the standup square tank with the 500, I have many gigs that require water to site and to keep from having to refill twice a day I can go with one full 500 gallon tank but you raise a good point :eek: