What size nozzles for a four bar whisper wash classic


Man, honestly you just gotta know concrete. I have neighborhoods where I know the concrete is crap. It’s another reason why I don’t do add ons. My guys may not not if the driveway can be cleaned.


Fortunately, the driveway was my own. I am just getting my trailer in production. I have a 9-5 job otherwise.
I am testing mixes and surface cleaning on my own two houses first.
I am coming from a 2.1 GPM to a 8 GPM machine with little knowledge in between.
This 22 horsepower took off the top layer of concrete and I was not expecting it.
I will try to get nozzles that take me down to 2500 PSI, is that a safe area for crappy concrete?
I plan to work my own neighborhood with similar driveways, to start


What size is your machine? that sounds like bad concrete. Pretty sure that’s what’s on my machine, I’ll look later today. and have never had a problem. How many feet of hose were you running?


If what you said above is correct regarding your nozzles size, your machine GPM, and your hose length, you already were at 2300 PSI on that job, just the same as @Kps0410.


8 GPM @ 3500 PSI Pressure Pro machine w/Honda 690 and 225 feet of 3/8 hose.


ordered the 2503 nozzles, four of them, will post results once I get them installed. The 2502s were stripping the cream off the concrete and exposing the aggregate. These were broomed concrete drives. We shall see.