What size nozzles for a four bar whisper wash classic

I just can’t wrap my head around how to figure it all out. I ordered a classic whisper wash today and ordered four 25 degree #2 nozzles. Is this right? My machine is 8gpm at 3000 psi and I’ll be using all four nozzles.

Yes. 2502’s

Sweet! Thank you:)

I’m wondering why you went with a 4 tip? I just purchased a Whisper Ground force but went 2 tip. The sales rep said that it’s been his experience going to 4 didn’t increase cleaning or decrease time. So now that your second guessing is is done mine begins… And the Jeopardy music begin in my head.

“The term ‘Cleaning Unit’ has been developed to help you understand the power of flow (gpm) and pressure (psi) combined. A pressure washer with 2000 psi and 2 gpm of flow produces 4000 cleaning units (2000 x 2 + 4000).Use cleaning units to compare different models (see the chart below).”

If a sales rep mentions cleaning units he is a quack and you should run far away from him. I run 8 eagle wash surface cleaners with 4 nozzle bars. No stripping. faster cleaning. no dragging.


Well, I’ve read a bunch of stuff on it and enough professionals use it out of the same set up that I have so I figured I would try it out. If Michael kreisle uses it with his 8gpm machines, that gives me a little confidence…but I’ll find out soon enough if it actually works;)

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What about for a 8gpm 3500psi machine, is it still 4 @ 2502s or should use 4 @ 25025s?
what about 2 @ 2502 and 2 @ 25025?

Never used one that has 4 tips.

Its not a only one size nozzle thing. You can decide if you want more or less pressure just based off your nozzle size, you dont even have to have all the same 4 nozzles if you dont want. Learn to read a nozzle chart. If you use just 2 nozzles @ 2502 you will be using the equivalant of a #4 orfice size and will put a lot of stress on your pump and unloader.


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Ill talk to @PWProducts

Thanks, I wasn’t planning on using 2 nozzles.

I was reading this post because I need learn more about nozzle selection. I think I see what you’re referring too Mark. You asked about 2502 or 25025. The nozzles aren’t going to add up to exactly 8 gpm so is it better to go with the nozzles that add up to a little under 8 gpm or a little over 8 gpm? I’m interested in hearing what the pros say too so I can make a mental note. I would think you would want the 25025. There would be a little psi loss from that 3500 psi but it won’t put stress on the pump.

I was asking about 2 nozzles @ 2502 and 2 nozzles @ 25025. This is a four nozzle bar.
If all four need to be the same size, the larger nozzles would probably move more dirt, I understand.

The nozzles all need to be 2.5 when using a four tip bar and 8 gpm at 3500 psi plumbed correctly with the 1.5” supply and 1/2” on outlet. The number does NOT represent GPM. It is an orifice or hole size.

PWP does not recommend different size nozzles on the same bar. Keep your setup simple.

Restricting the flow puts back pressure on the pump. Of course, if you constantly adjust the unloader it will lead to premature failure and the scoring the shaft or spindle. You will lose the set unload pressure.

If you you restrict the flow with the K7 unloader, the unloader protects the pump and goes into bypass.

Guys whom don’t understand how the K7 unloader operates don’t seem to like the unloader but it’s the best out there. It helps the o-rings last longer, stops you from fighting your hose, stops the throw back when you pull the trigger, everything under pressure lasts longer, the hose is soft and everything is smooooth using the K7.

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so is that the 25025 nozzles? I assume that is a 25 degree nozzle with 2.5 orifice?



My 4 nozzle bar came from WW with 25-020 nozzles and it was supposedly setup for my 8gm 3500psi machine.

2502’s are the correct nozzles for 4 bar nozzle at 8gpm. Remember, if a vendor is giving advice based on 8gpm and 3500 psi and are basing it off of a gx690 they are lying or uninformed.

So, I have a new Honda GX690 (I believe it is really 22 HP) and a GP TSF2021 belt drive pump with an K7 flow actuated unloader, I understand it can’t do BOTH 8gpm and 3500psi at the same time. Which gives in first at operating throttle? The PSI or the GPMs?
I have a four bar tip WW Classic, with 3/8 inlet hose. Brand new, still in the box, it came with two 2502’s and two plugs.
So can I get a vote here from the industry veterans on what 4 nozzles I need?
Thanks in advance.
( I DO have a question submitted to the place I purchased the SC from…)

So the dealer I purchased the SC from responded:

“On the surfacer I prefer to run just 2 nozzles. For two nozzles you would want 25045’s for 4 zozzles you would want 25025’s.”

So, it appears there is no consensus.

Do any of you prefer to run the two nozzle configuration and why? If more is not better, why did they come out with the four nozzle bar? Must have been good reason?
I suppose I will try it both ways, I was just trying to determine the correct nozzles when using four of them for my first time out…