What removes grass stains from painted block walls?

At the base of a two-story building string trimmers have slung grass and stained the white painted block wall. What additive for a soft wash mixture will remove grass stains from latex-based paint? (I think–it could be oil based also, but didn’t appear chalky)

A pressure washer is the tool not a SoftWasherr Let’s see AC say something about that


That’s awesome…You do realize what you just started, right?..lol…SoftWash is going to be “the word of the month” around here now and will probably end up in every thread or, even post, going forward.

Considered that, but there are areas close to the grass stains that can’t handle 4,000 psi at any distance, so pressuring it off is out. I’m hoping a house mix combination will do the trick. And while there are volumes written on removing grass stains from clothing and sidewalks, I’ve found nothing to get it off painted cement block.

Don’t use 4000 psi then and start lower.

He is correct you can run your machine much lower psi by using a bigger nozzle. I will typically use upto 1000 psi on a house. SoftWAshers​:snake: are for weenies . Not to confused with softwashing something :grinning:


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Use your normal SH based housewash with a touch more surfactant, get a wet brush and scrub it lightly.

I’ve done lots of grass stained walls!

It takes a little elbow grease and low-ish pressure to finish.

Honestly, I don’t reduce pressure with tips, I just use the least aggressive (white) and hold it further away.

I’ve tried a pump up with a strong mix no luck and pressure definitely didn’t touch it. I never tried brushing it. My SoftWash System won’t touch it. My customers have never complained. Just blame the landscaper.

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Yeah, paint vs. pressure is always a balance.

The brush is key.

Same as doing soil/earth stains at the bottom of render (think you call it stucco?) chemicals alone don’t move it, pressure neither, but a combination of circular motion soft brush scrubbing, chemical and pressure do it for sure.

I used to have heaps of before and after walls, can’t seem to find a single one now!?