What ratio do I need to use

If I have a 10% Sh and I want to have a 2% solution and I’m using a xjett which ratio or proportioner should I use. I’m new just trying to figure it out and a little confused thanks in advance.

The xjet card should show you.

But if you want 2%, you want a 4:1 proportioner.

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So if I used a 3-1 ratio then I’d be pulling 1.5 sh ?

No, you’d be at 2.5%

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Let’s back up a bit. What are you cleaning?

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And what size machine you using?

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Just a house wash so vinyl.

You don’t need 2% to clean vinyl, 1% is plenty. Most of the time I’m using 0.6%, 1.2% if it’s really nasty. Using that much is putting you at risk of killing things and you’ll go through way more bleach than you need to.

So which ratio/ proportioner should be used with the xjet to get that percent.

10:1 will get you just under 1% with 10% bleach.

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Thank you.

Soon as you can, get a GP injector and M5 Twist or jrod.

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