What pump to use

Can i use a 4200 psi rated pump on a 4400 psi rated pressure washer?

But what will you do without those 200 psi’s?..……

Im not sure it will make much of difference lol. Looking at it that way

Oh no, here comes the peanut gallery.

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It may be a stupid question. I know. Im new. I dont think it would hurt anything. But i genuinely dont know. I just want to know if it could hurt anything mechanically.

If you take the pump off, what part is 4400 psi?

Im gonna say nothing

Bottom line, you’ll be fine. What engine do you have?

Its a simpson 420cc

I meant to say that the pump is what is 4400 psi. When you take it off the motor there is nothing to create the psi

ok, that makes it clear as mud now


Put the pump on there and call it a day.


Will do. Thanks man!