What Pressure washer to buy

Now bare with me here. I was hoping to get some opinions about a good commercial pressure washer to buy for mostly residential work on a daily basis. My parents own a carpet cleaning business who offer pressure washing as a “secondary service” and I could say that I have had 5+ years of experience power washing but out of all the work I do (I’ve been working for my parents since I was 16 I’m 25 now) about 5% is pressure washing. Hence why i say only 5 years experience because we don’t have a substantial amount of Pressure washing jobs. Not to mention i live in New York (not NYC) and were a seasonal business here due to the pretty harsh winters. If we have pressure washing jobs they are small residential jobs and it’s with residential pressure washers. (2.5-3 GPM, 3000psi etc, etc) I genuinely enjoy the Pressure Washing jobs more than carpet cleaning and I can see that there can be good money in the business especially because the expense of owning a power washing business (to my knowledge) is not super expensive. (A truck-mount carpet cleaning machine that we use is around 30,000$ not including everything else you need) so my plan is to start my own pressure washing business and I was curious about what kind of pressure washer you guys would recommend. There are so many options and I had no clue how complex finding the right pressure washer can be. Direct drive, belt drive, GPM, PSI, trailer mounted systems with water tanks, hot water pressure washers, types of pumps and motors, I’m just stuck here. I have about 10 grand to spend on equipment at the moment. should I look at trailer mounted systems with water tanks or get a portable unit where I use the customers water? I don’t care to be cheap to buy the right equipment because it’s an investment in the long run. I’m looking for heavy duty, reliable, commercial grade pressure washers and i was curious about what you guys would recommend. Sorry for the story I’m just confused lol. I’d appreciate any advice and thank you for your time

@Ben123 check this thread out as there are two list at the top with links.

Beginner List

5.5 gpm belt
Or 4 gpm with the idea of upgrading later.
8 gpm will require a larger buffer tank but you buy once

Contact me.
Financing is available.

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Are you still looking to expand?

@Jordie I would like to talk to you about purchasing, thanks!

Sure, let’s chat tomorrow (Friday)


I cleaned carpets for about 8/9 years… for a Franchise and I decided to go out on my own and do exterior cleanings… Love it

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