What nozzles for delovan 7870 12v system?

Hi friends.

I am building a 12 v dedicated roof pump and I am wondering what size nozzles do I need to order? My electric pump is delovan 7870 7gpm /60psi. I plan on using suttner poly gun and a 1/2 supply hose.

Any help is highly appreciated!

I don’t have a 12v system yet and I’m still very new, but I assume it would follow the same principles like pressure washer nozzles.

So to keep your 60psi at the end of your wand for a 7gpm I would guess something like a 60 orifice size? Maybe up our down a little due to hose length yada yada.

But like I said. I might be way out to lunch. Nozzle charts are still a little confusing

Cmon fellas, at least BS and lie that you’ve attempted to search in the search bar and couldn’t find it. At minimum lol

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I attempted to search in the search bar and couldn’t find it :slight_smile:

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Took me 4 seconds.


So how do I calculate the nozzle for 7gpm 60 psi? All the charts I saw start with 500 psi.

Search again bud, rinse and repeat haha.

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Buy four nozzle sizes 20 30 40 and a 50 go play in your driveway geeez. This will cost you 20 bucks then when you decide on one you’ll still have four sizes too play with when you get a new pump or make changes. Then you’ll be able to help yourself next time