What month do you guys usually slow down?

Typically here in the north east we officially winterize our machines around Nov 15th.

Its a nice transition into gutter clean outs for us that finish up the remainder of the year.

Last year we washed right up to Christmas and randomly over the winter it was so mild. The mild winter was great for us!

Things have started to slow down here. I only have one work of work booked out. The phone keeps ringing but not as often as during the spring and summer. I have more work booked for April of 2013 than for Oct. of 2012

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It’s only gotten busier for me.

Because my marketing is just now kicking in LOL

Pretty much i’m busier now than I was in the spring of this year.

Start slowing down in May and picks up in November. I live in Florida and there are a lot of “snow birds” around here. You possibly are washing some of my customers “Northern” home in summer and when they return to south in winter I wash their “southern” home. Do wash all year though, just slower in summer which is OK since it is so hot.

Slow down? Sometimes I wish! haha

Usually a little slower around December

For me if slows down in mid July through August and then picks up again until November where it slows to almost nothing. I’d love to change that this year, but we’ll see how it all pans out…