What Might This Be and How To Clean It?

I’m not sure what the black is on the building in the background. Any ideas and how to clean it?

Funk. Look it up. That building has funk growing on it. The good news? It is probably organic and a fat dose of bleach will get the funk out. Then it will take some up close rinsing to rid the wall of the remnants.

Up close rinsing. Not to exceed 300 psi on the wall. We call it “hydro-agitation”.

Up close as in a ladder or just the appropriate nozzle?

For us? Lift. Or yellow pole.

Lift it is!



If that photo was taken in the PNC bank parking lot off of Courtland Street do I win a prize?

You are right, Hank! And yes, you get to go to the head of the class :slight_smile:

Tim, do you own a lift?
I have a noodle which I haven’t used in years.

We used a noodle one time on a church steeple.

Lift rental is factored in as needed by the job and usually pays for itself in increased production time.

I do not own a lift.


Class? I aint got no class.



Like others have said if it’s organic it will come off. You should be able to reach that with any delavan pump, which I think you have now. Just make the mix a little stronger. Spray it from the bottom up so you have uniform coverage. Let it dwell and then rinse the heck out of it.

Are you planning on just doing that little area? or the entire side of the building? That building is 140’x30’(google earth measurements) and three stories towards the front. Set a minimum charge for your work if you are just doing that small area. Customers will abuse you if you charge too little or do partial work. If you have any questions on what this market can support just reach out to me.


Hank, not even in the bid stage right now, but maybe they’ll want a price in the spring.
Thanks for the info.

Give them a bid now anyway. For the whole building. Can’t hurt.

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BTW- when are we hanging again Dan? I had a great time.

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In a couple weeks I’ll see the woman who inquired if it can be cleaned.

Can’t wait, Mike. Maybe Bethlehem in March, but sooner would be better for sure.


Are you going to the ACR event in March?


Sounds familiar, Hank. What and where is it?

It’s a round table/networking event in Easton.


Its going to be in Bethlehem this year. Tom, Jack Kramer and I are teaming up.
Dan will be there. Or else!

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Thanks Thad. I’ll be there.