What makes a pressure or soft washing business "licensed"

I notice some of your cards read “licensed” Does that just mean your a registered business?

It means you share your pie with the government.


Yup, more money to .gov.

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Since there is no licensing authority for the pressure washing trade as there is for say the plumbing, roofing, or electrical trades, most pressure washing companies are referring to the fact that they have obtained a city business license.

Using the word “licensed” in advertising is debatable since some contractors feel that the consumer is being mislead into believing that you passed some sort of standards test to prove your competency in order to obtain a license.

Personally, I don’t use the term “licensed” because of the likely misrepresentation it implies to the consumer.


This is exactly what I thought, I greatly appreciate your time and input

While not advocating against them, I have never been asked for my business licenses in the 2 cities I have them in almost 3 years of business.

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Same here in KY, no PW or WC ‘license’.

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In Maryland you have to have an Maryland Home Improvement License to use chemicals for pressure washing. So at least in MD licensed should mean you have your MHIC license. Not sure if any other states have this type of requirement.

In California it means city business license. Now if you’re doing water blasting, which means you’re mixing air with water and over 10,000 psi then you actually need a contractors license.

Not true. Pressure washing requires a contractors license in CA. Call the cslb and ask.

Suggest you read the fine print. I’ve been down this road. Water blasting is different. I know all about the clsb as I have a c45 for my electrical sign company.

Man I’ve never set foot in California and I’m over the laws and regulations you guys have. What the heck can you guys do without a permit or license? Where does end? If you could pick a place to live anywhere on the planet why would you say California? What would be the reason before California comes out of your mouth? Genuine question.

I heard everyone is leaving

Yes unfortunately they’re coming to Texas and trying to make Texas just like the state they left… smart…


It’s the weather. No humidity, rarely gets below freezing in the deepest of winter, rarely over 100 in the heat of summer. It’s also beautiful in some places like Sonoma county where I live (well before they started burning it all down). Lots of people are leaving, we thought about it, and I may buy a second homestead property in Idaho as a backup plan.

I don’t mind being one of the few companies in so California with the proper license. Believe what you want :).

The only real answer you’ll hear is just like @Seandz said…the weather.
Plus you can go from the beaches to the mountains in about two hours in some parts of the state. That is pretty cool.

But most people see Cali as a pit with rules, regulations, and taxes out the ying yang.
But anyone who has only lived in Cali doesn’t realize how amazing the rest of the US really is. :grimacing:

Cali would be the LAST state I would choose to live in.

…nothing but love for my Cali guys that choose to live there and earn their bread @Seandz @Chesebro et al.

Money is good here, but it leaves as fast as you get it. I’ve lived in Coeur d’Alene Idaho and lake of the ozarks Missouri, I like here best.

Which license class is it? This one?

You could be the king of washers in the Lake of the Ozarks. And you could make a pretty penny there, and have a ton of money leftover after mortgage, food, and basic necessities. I don’t see that happening in Cali especially once the tax man calleth. But to each his own. :smiley: