What machine should I be looking for?

As i’m getting more into this add-on to my window cleaning business, I’m becoming painfully aware of how inadequate my current equipment is. I just have a cheap 3000psi 2.7 gpm home depot special and a crappy plastic 15" surface washer. took me 3.5 hours to do a 2500 sq. ft. pool deck yesterday, and it wasn’t even that dirty.

i’m scouring craigslist right now, looking for an upgrade. What should I be looking for?

I"m trying to do softwashing (siding like vinyl, wood, dryvit), resi driveways, patios/decks. Lot’s of stamped concrete, precast and bluestone/limestone patios and landscape features in my area. not really looking to do commercial properties right now. just the simple, straightforward stuff.

i’ve done a fair amount of reading about direct drive vs. belt drive. i know that 4gpm is about the bare minimum if you want to make any real money at this.

i’ll probably have about $1000 to spend right now. What should i be looking for? at that price point i’m pretty sure a belt-drive unit is out of the question. i would like to get a decent surface cleaner and the best machine i can get all for $1000-$1200 total. any tips on brands, motors/pumps, budget-friendly surface cleaners etc?

Powerwash.com has some nice packages put together that will more then likely suit your needs.

Bob at PT State can hook you up with great equipment and the best service in the industry.

I would suggest you start saving your money for a bigger machine

Check with Trey Posey at powerwash.com. Also if you join the PWRA you get a awesome discount. Membership first machine second watch your bank grow…

ARC Powerwashing
Alex Curry

Couldn’t agree more!!!

Your equipment should not be constrained by price. Proper equipment is what makes “Coin”. Buying Proper equipment won’t break the bank, but will cost plenty going the cheap route.

Pressure Tek or Southside Equipment has the best prices & support…Bar None!

5 gpm pressure washer, 16" Whisper-Wash Classic surface cleaner will cut your time in half, and put more money in your pocket.

Just saying.

thanks for the above. so, would you guys suggest that i just not take on any pressure washing work until i can afford to buy really good equipment?

my original plan was to try to buy some decent equipment to get me by until i can pile up cash and do it right. should i bail on this plan and just save till i can go all-out?

Caleb, it’s an “Either Or” the season is here now, time to make money is NOW. The Equipment you need should only cost between $3000 & $3500 that’s a small investment that will pay off in a very short amount of time.

How much work do you have coming in? Bite the bullet put it on a card if you have to and buy a decent setup and go work it off, like guy said the time to do it is now.

I get what you guys are saying. i’m not normally a penny-pincher when it comes to equipment. I pay top dollar for stuff that will help me make $, if that’s what it takes. I guess i just thought there would be more of a middle ground in the “start-up pressure washing” business. i was thinking of graduating from crap>decent>good>awesome over the next year. sounds like you guys are advising i go crap>good right now or not even bother.

I have a pretty solid window cleaning business and was looking to do this as an add-on, so i’m not sure how much i can really invest in it (time, money, and brain power) and have it be worth my while. the idea of borrowing more money for more equipment makes me cringe.

flip side is, i’m in serious growth mode right now and it seems like a profitable business to break into. i don’t have a ton of pressure washing work coming in, but I do have some. I have lots of existing clients to offer it to, and I haven’t seriously pursued that kind of work until the last month or so.

Do you understand how much money is wasted with the crap>decent>good>awesome plan? You have a pretty solid business, you’re in serious growth mode, why would you need to borrow money?

You asked for advice and you got it Caleb, take it or not it’s up to you.

Good Luck!

i didn’t realize the money-wasting potential till i started this thread. i’m trying to get educated so that’s why I posted. it’s not a matter of rejecting advice because it’s not what i want to hear. i just didn’t know. now I do.

i’m trying to grow in other areas too, so my resources are spread around right now, hence the need to borrow.

i’ll have to mull it over. thanks for the advice everyone.

What other services are you looking to expand into?

just trying to build up my window cleaning business. add more staff, another crew. second set of wfp equipment etc. the only really new service i’m looking at is pressure washing.

Talk to Me, Thad, Micah (EcoClean) and several of the other guys on this forum who started out primarily as window cleaning companies and ask us which one is more profitable. Hands down, bar none, my best money is made with a pressure washer. I dropped residential window cleaning a long time ago but still do commercial window route work, but I prefer the company make $100-200 an hour vs $50 an hour window cleaning. Again, your market may be different, but that’s the stats for mine. On one of our housewashes yesterday my 2 guys did a house and gutter scrub in a little over 2 hours and I collected a $640 check. That’s $300 an hour (for 2 hours). I’ve never even remotely ever thought of making that kind of money in the window cleaning world.

wow. compelling argument.


If you jump from 2.7 to 8gpm you will flip out and thank us later. You won’t know what to do with all that volume.