What lance do you prefer?

What lance are you guys using? I’m looking to upgrade for the new year and I’m buying the Suttner ST-2605 but wasn’t sure which direction to go for a lance. I saw they have Zinc, Nickel and Stainless Steel. I guess which would be best for weight, corrosion, etc. Also i want sure of just getting the molded grip or one with a side handle. What would be the pros and cons of each?Thanks in advance guys!

I personally avoid the lance. I use the XJet M5. You can search this forum for the pros and cons.


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Well I was planning on buying two guns, 1 would have a lance and 1 with either an Xjet or M5DS. Would you prefer the M5DS? I know lots of guys attach it straight to the trigger but i also read some guys who love having it attached to a 24" lance.

It’s just a preference thing. See what works for you. Most days I don’t use a lance. If I’m using a turbo tip and think I’ll be getting dirty I’ll use a 4’ lance. On my modified xjet I have a 12” lance. Don’t tell anyone but I also have an 18’ lance(telescoping lance). See what works best for your purposes for the day, but have options.


Yea thats kinda what i was thinking too. I was going to put a either a 36" or 48" one one gun and then 24" (or now thinking of just doing a 12" like you have) for an Xjet. For the lance, as @EDM95 said, i was wanting Aluminum but couldnt find it for Suttner and only saw they had the 3 options i mentioned so i didnt which would be best.

I use an insulated 1 ft lance.
Have 2 of 3ft insulated and
1 6ft insulated on the trailer

6 inch lance is what we use 95% of the time. If we need to pop gun we stick in a 3 ft aluminum wand. Everything plugs into one gun

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I use a jrod with this and no ball valve


I have my M5DS permanently attached (no quick connect) to a 5 inch nipple into a ST-2315 gun that I use 99% of the time. I have another gun with no lance I use for my j-rod. You can always get extensions up to 8ft to attach to your gun to get a little height.

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This one.

Jk, Suttner 2315s with no lance, just JROD qc’d in is my preference. Or a 4’ lance with 1/4” male fitting that just pops into the same gun if I need it.


Everyone seems to be out of stock on that one. I guess @Alabama bought all of them :rofl: .

So you prefer the 2315 over the 2605?

I prefer the 2315 over all of them


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I only use 10’ lances. It’s the only one that works well while cleaning on horseback. Just have to train them not to jump when you squeeze the trigger.


Gonna ask the stupid question -

Other than the length of the lance giving you that much more distance, what does a lance do? I have only used lances and have not cleaned with just a gun - have a back-up that I will rig up to try but curious why everyone appears to not use lance in general?

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6 inches is all it takes to straighten the stream of water. A lance is just something heavy and cumbersome to get in the way.

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The only reason I use a lance is to not get dirty when cleaning a foundation on a house. I also use a lance if cleaning a deck. That’s about it. You’ll love ditching the lance when cleaning porches and tight spaces. It’s just much easier with one hand to control the gun

William I know your knowledgeable regarding pw insurance as you have advised against tennis balls or ball valves for this reason. Do lance length play a role in coverage. A local vendor told me they can’t sell anything under 12”. Just curious if that translates to operators as well.