What lance are you using?


I’m in talks with a couple of different freight companies, have a few demos scheduled and am looking to buy a dual lance for my two step process. I’m eyeing the Suttner St-54 72" with a bend so I can get the top of the cab on the big rigs. Anyone else getting away with a shorter lance or a 72" without a bend? I’d obviously like to go as short as possible but I definitely want to be able to do the job properly.


When i did fleet i used a 4 foot aircraft aluminum wand with a rollover nozzle. Dual wands get heavy


That’s what the guys I worked with this past weekend learning how to do it were using except it was a 6 foot wand with a bend. I hated having to flip that huge wand upside down and jiggle it. I thought I could be quicker if all I had to was twist a handle but I guess the weight factors in to. You were able to get up above the windshield with a 4 foot?


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I have 2 guns for fleet. One with a 60in wand for the top and switch to my daul lance for the rest and trailers


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