What kinds of reels are you using for your water lines?

I’m going to buy a reel for my water hose and I’m wondering if there is anything in particular I should be looking for. It’ll be getting mounted to my trailer. Are you guys using reels made for pressure washing hose and modifying the connections to work with a garden hose?

I use a manual titan, Probaly going to go electric next go around

I use matching Hannays for pressure and supply.

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I use a manual titan.


I use a RapidReel, but I only have about 100’ of 3/4" hose - put hose barbs on the swivel & drum outlet, just make sure that the hose won’t crush itself, especially at the drum outlet.


I have 200ft of 3/4 hose on a 300’ capacity Cox Reel 200 ft is a bit much for most jobs I have learned…150’ would have been better and just carry an extra hose in the trailer. Pay attention to the manifold size inside the Reel if flow is a concern.

General Pump has a reel on Amazon for $200. A great reel, same size as a cox. Highly recommend it.

i will be ordering a titan reel in the next few days, and this will be my first,i need some opinions. should i upgrade to a stainless manifold or wait until it fails and upgrade than. thanks for any input