What kind of pump do I have?

I was gifted a set-up that wasn’t working. Unit has a Honda GX610 and a 5000 psi pump. I’m a wiz when it comes to engines, so I had that running in no time. But now I am wondering whats up with the pump. Before you ask, no I didn’t try the pump before taking it apart. I assume that there isn’t anything wrong with it other than some dried up seals(besides the 50:50 ratio of water to pump oil in the casing.) So I go looking all over the housing to see if there is a manufacturer or serial number, to identify this pump. No luck. So I come to you a defeated man. Here’s what I know:
Housing is a dark gray
Housing and pump head are all painted the same color(no shinny brass)
There is a red sticker with a gold crown stuck to the housing
Pump has a 24.1 +/- mm input shaft

I’m trying to avoid buying a new pump. If I can rebuild this one, it’s going to same me a chunk of cash.

Thanks in advance for the help

you might have to post a pic of it !!