What kind of Hoser Are You?

Do you prefer your hoses on a stationary or pivoting Hose Reel?

What do you think is the best Hose Reel for your PW and Garden Hoses?

Which type of Garden Hose performs best for you?

We use Titan aluminum powered reels. Will probably go stainless next time. Ours are mounted and don’t move for curbside use. We use mean green garden hose for tank fill.

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Stainless. Electric. Fixed. Super Swivel. 1" internals on the intake reel that is fed by 3/4" mean green fill hose

Steel Eagle hose reel with a super swivel for feed hose. Ours is 3/4" Never Kink.
The drum is painted or powder coated but the “A” frame that holds it is a heavy duty plastic. (The frames are usually what he’s ruined on a reel anyway)

Why are the stainless reels better than the aluminum?

Big fan of the summit stainless hose reels,a bit more costly at first,but if you are pumping chem often they will stand the test of time

Same here. Super swivels.

So is it safe to say that 3/4 feed hose is the go to over 5/8.