What is your soft wash set up like?


Just wondering what everyone else set up is like.

What kind of machine do you use? what kind of soap or surfactant? etc etc…

I have a 4k/4gpm machine, using a Hi draw GP injector from pressure tek, a 2.1mm
I have a 15-gallon chem tank, I fill it with 12.5% bleach, HOT MIX, no water, and have been trying different soaps out.
So far I like Arm n Hammer with Oxi-clean for the extra bubbles and smell. I Think it draws more attention from the neighbords, But I also like E-lemonator for its increased dwell time. Simple cherry I like as well, it seems to “scrub” the dirt off better from some places, But I heard it kills your mix over time, and I keep my chem tank full all the time, and there may be 2 or 3 days I dont have work in the winter and dont want to have a weak mix when I show up. I Would Like to try Fresh wash as some point.

100ft of supply hose on a Reel, with a Y splitter, 1 to fill tank and 1 for accessory water.
I also have a T fit on my tank with 1 side going to my machine and 1 side has 5ft of hose and a ball valve as a drain/accessory water. 50ft backup hose.

150ft of 3/8 pressure hose. 275 gallon buffer tank. and 5 gallon buckets for x-jet when needed, or to downstream other chems than bleach. 50ft back up hose.

I have 1 back up chem injector, poly hose, some O rings stashed.

As for tools I keep a basic set up wreches and screwdrivers, for onsite repair if needed.
I also carry an extention wand(only 5ft) for windy days or super high chimneys, and a 5ft step ladder for a get a little extra height when needed.

Surface cleaner set up with 40025’s. Honestly, have not tried them, I ran with 25025’s and It cleaned most concrete great, But I had 2 occasions of permanent striping on new or weak concrete, So i just switched to the 40 degrees hoping for some less harsh pressure. Pressure gauge reads about 2600-2800 psi when Im on the trigger.

For DS soaping and rinsing I use a J-Rod with a shooter tip and fan tips suited for my machine. All the pressure is 1,000psi or less for rinsing. I sometimes use the little twist nozzle from Home Depot.
I use an X-jet for light roof work and for pre-treating brick or stone.

Share your set up to me and others and compare and contrast! Thanks


The ° of the spray pattern won’t change the pressure :+1:t2:


Yea I know it won’t lower the pressure, but I was hoping it would be bit more gentle. Like the white tip vs green tip, same pressure, different spread.