What is your favorite multipurpose oil

I like this for all around lubricant. I use it on everything, tools, pulling hose over nipples, general lubricant
but was wondering if anyone has a better recommendation for a multipurpose lube.


I’ve still got two cans that grandpa had. Good stuff.

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Coconut oil…

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Lol @Infinity

I like silicone spray for various uses. Works well when I have to free up a sticky sliding screen door.


I like the silicone lubricants around water also. It just seems to stay on longer

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I’m not a motorhead, but I was told to avoid silicone lubricants on anything metal to metal, that they don’t hold up well to loads. I use lots of moly grease on my tractor, zeroturn, and my hair, but some people think poly or synthetics should be used. I use what is essentially animal renderings (fat) to spray my pto gears and shafts, supa slickerry.

I use 3in1 on my equipment in my basement, due to the humidity everything wants to rust. It is also great to keep your shower curtain hooks with bearings from rusting. I put some on a towel and wipe the top of the bar, then dab some on the bearings, then slide it around a bit. I reapply about once every 9-12 months. Haven’t had any rust in 3 years now. The curtain hooks HD/lowes sells all rust in the sauna my wife creates when using the shower.

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It does wear out quickly.

I just use my 5 gallon drum of air tool oil that’s lasted me 10 years. Cheap and does the job. Buy a fiver and toss it under a bench.

With the exception of a small container of grease for packing bearings, some dielectric grease for the shertz box and a grease gun for bearing buddies, I don’t really have any grease or lubricating oils.

…or brake fluid😆

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