What is your company uniform?

Thong/feather boa/cowboy boots?

And do you have different uniforms for different services or jobs?

No jeans. Kakhi dickies only. They dry faster and hold up to bleach pretty well. I’m in the process of ordering polos, the wicking kind. Will be blue for window cleaning and white for estimates and powerwashing. Kinda iffy on working in white but i also don’t want my shirts bleaching

Get grey 50-50 blend they hold up good without bleaching out

We use 100% poly black collard polos for pressurewashing and everthing…its a cool dry polo…

When I do commercial I usually wear jeans and tshirt/Resi shorts and tshirt.I have picked up more work when I was covered head to toe in grease from a dumpster pad then when I show up dressed to impress.

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No go on the white…it gets nasty filthy quick…we just went away from them…

We have screen printed shirts and hoodies - white and blue. White for pwing and blue for gutters and windows. After one season your uniforms are shot anyhow so I just order more every year.

Our window cleaners wear blue polos

Our washers wear white company tshirts…

I’m surprised you use white shirts. I always get filthy no matter what I wear.

Ash grey t shirts with my logo and any pants I choose. Mostly blue jeans.

No blue jeans!

Acid wash jeans, instead??

I was just messing with Phil. We had this same conversion a while back. We wear Cargos and company tshirts or polos.

I did buy a pair khaki’s. Guess its time to break em out. I’m still mostly windows and just breaking into pw. Not bad stories with bleached jeans yet. Tie dye is coming back tho.

my guys wear whatever, as long as they rock shell toe adidas, I’m happy. Oh, and no beards!

Red hats,red shirts, red trailers and red trucks.

Why Adidas?
Really? No beards?

My boss used to make us be clean shaven. Convinced him to let me grow a beard, trimmed neatly. Once it grew in I stopped trimming and let it go nuts. I swear, my sales doubled. He never said a word about it after.

Why Adidas? Cuz I rock the shell toes every day of my life. My groomsmen and I even wore them in my wedding!

The beards thing was a reference to an old thread from WCR that got way out of hand. My main crew leader right now has a legit red beard.

Basically, my post was a joke.

Then why wasn’t it funny, michaelmole? Do you not realize that “jokes” are inherently humorous by nature? The humor can even be subtle or ironic but it must be present.

Maybe management only can have beards…? Distinguish the crew. I have one. But that’s cuz I look good with it :wink: