What is this?

What is this and will it accept stain?? Will either be using gray away or ready seal

Where’s the picture?

Bump, anyone?

Looks like ipe. Yes it can be stained. But I am no woodie.

It does look like Ipe. Check out Ipe Oil

IPE needs special stain. It’s a very dense wood & it’s hard to get the stain to penetrate it. Check Southern stain & seal. I did see stain for it somewhere on the net but don’t remember.

Unlikely to be Ipe, it doesn’t delaminate like that and no one face nails ipe, way too hard for that.

What is that white stuff on the first picture? Does it seem like its wood based?

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Kind of think Charlie is right in what he’s saying. IPE is so dense you wouldn’t generally see it nailed like that. Also it’s solid all the away thru. This looks like something that maybe fabricated as if the coating is puling away. Also what is that while stuff?

Possibly rotted wood? And filled with something? I’ve never seen anything like that but have had customers fill holes with anything and everything including duct tape…lol.

That stuff is what I was questioning. If anyone could i.d. it or if they knew if it would accept the stain. Although I’m not entirely positive about the type of wood, I’m sure it will take the stain.