What IS this? Suggestions?


Cleaned old house with 2% solution, then brushed and wiped off the front with gutter grenade to remove the terrible oxidation on this old green vinyl. Looked up and saw this. Sprayed it with 5% solution TWICE, and after ALL of that some of the siding had these drips :

If I walked up to a job like that I’d say the guy missed it and did shoddy work. BUT, I really worked that stuff over, and just can’t figure out what it is. Any suggestions?


did you apply chem from top down? or bottom up?


ALWAYS bottom up.


2% SH , then gutter grenade? Then 5% SH twice?

Hopefully you didn’t scorch the siding.

Maybe a bad reaction of the Potassium Hydroxide and Soduim Hypochlorite? @CaCO3Girl


Hopefully it’s just some oxidation left over and you can go back over it with the gutter grenade…i’d Start there


looks like the chemical worked on some of it and it dried up leaving the streaks. I would hit it again with a stronger mix… is it just that small area up top with the streaks?


I don’t have an answer for your dilemma, but I’d have a hissy fit if I saw my guys soaping from the bottom up.


Apply chems from bottom up, rinse from the top down. ALSO, not really dilemma. Customer delighted with our work, and we went the extra mile with the gutter grenade to wipe down the siding.


Only on painted surfaces my friend. On vinyl you waste a lot of time and soap. If you chase it from the top down the runoff will overlap for you.


I always foam from bottom up.
And rinse the same wayish…


If you rinse from the bottom up, you aren’t rinsing You’re just spraying water.


I agree, it looks like something worked, partially. SH doesn’t clean, that’s why when you bleach your socks you use soap too. I’d try spraying purple degreasing stuff in one spot and see if that cleans it.


KOH and SH are compatible.


I like it even you use letters. I feel like I should break out my captain kangaroo decoder ring :slight_smile:


Getting those green and black stubborn mold under the siding joints


Basically like this, with a foamer


I agree with @CaCO3Girl. Just for kicks put some degreaser on it.


Sorry, it’s just my options were typing out potassium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite…or KOH and SH. I’m lazy :slight_smile:


No, really. I like it. Back in the day everyone on the forums called bleach “love” because they didn’t want homeowners to know what they were using


Had to have been some special home owners not to recognize that smell.



People in California call it “cancer” and they call surfactant “birth defect” not sure what they call water but im pretty sure it has to have a proposition 65 warning on it too.