What is this stuff? Roof wash

So I washed this roof but was left with a yellow tint after . I’m pretty sure it’s all lichen/algae but is it dead? Will it fall off ? Or how should I remove this or prevent it

So I’m not familiar with that type of roof, but typically if it turns yellow it’s dead, let it have time for the roots to let go and it’ll wash away naturally. Otherwise you’re just using high pressure, which is what we’re all trying to avoid.

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and I know people think I’m nuts everytime I say it, but offer a warranty on your roof cleans…makes these sort of conversations so much easier. You tell them this is the best process for their roof, and that if something is still there in a few months, you’ll gladly retreat it as a callback. Then they tend to be more at ease that you aren’t just putting them off.


How long do you offer?

It’s tiered over 7 years…we cover 100% for 3, then 80% for year 4, and 50% through year 7

We’ve done work under the warranty 3x in the last 18 months (and one of those had a tree branch literally laying on the roof, which would technically void our responsibility if we had pressed the issue, but it cost us maybe $50), and the other 2 we got some work booked with them while they were on the phone about the roof (and at least 1 of those was just the roof starting to wear out). It’s actually been a net win for us cost-wise, because we’ve spent less going out on warranty calls than we would have had to to retreat moss and such a week or 2 after the treatment because it wasn’t gone yet. The warranty gives me an easy lever to pull there to put them at ease and tell them we’re not coming back if it’s turned color…now that has happened dozens of times. If they’re selling, I send them a hard copy with the home’s address filled in to put in their closing package to the new homeowner (and then they call us for house washes too).


Perfect thanks! Offered the warranty and they were fine with that, went back the ends day and the yellow was fading slightly already so I think it’ll be fine in the future.

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