What is This in my Supply Line?

So I am breaking down my old trailer and moving equipment to my new trailer. This may be a stupid question, but what is this in my supply line? I hadn’t even noticed this until I went to cut it off. It’s really bad right by the inlet of the pump. I cut it off to run new lines, but you can see it lasts for about a foot coming off the inlet…I’m a little worried now. image|375x500

This is what I get when I stick my finger in the inlet of the pump

Where are you from?

Do you happen to be near oil drill sites? Specifically fracking

That would be my best guess, get a filter on it & you should be fine. It actually doesn’t look to bad compared to what I’ve seen before lol

Yeah I live in Texas haha so that’s a possibility! I have a filter before the tank and before the inlet. Maybe they aren’t working like they should.