What is this? (Artillery fungus?)



Pee on it and see if it moves…report back.


Whatever it is, it appears to be on Dryvit, so just spray it with 50/50 and leave it. You’ll pick the thin stucco outer layer off trying pull it off.


I haven’t tried. It seems to be attached permanently. Never seen it before. I was thinking it may be some variation mutant artillery fungus.


One word: winter


It is not artillery fungus.


I found a new species. Doesn’t that mean I get to name it?


Looks like some variation of lichen, or maybe some remnants of a creeping vine. As mentioned before, 50/50 and leave it to dry out and fall off on its own.


Advice taken. I’m home now walking the dog trying to convince myself to study SEO tonight


I’ve seen this before I think it’s a ivy root that got ripped off and left behind. I could be wrong, no idea what it’s called if it’s not that.


Whatever it is I wouldn’t spend time trying to clean it. That doesn’t really fall under housewashing


Agreed. I didn’t spend too much time, just trying to educate myself on the variables.


Like Alex said…it’s remnants from a creeping vine… or it’s a variation of artillery fungi.

I see this all time, usually when a certain plants grows on the siding.