What is the best way to remove spider webs?


I was wondering what is the best way to get rid of spider webs? I have read from a few posts on other forums that even a power washer will not be able to remove most spider webs from wooden siding etc… I have a $20 pressure wand I bought from Home Depot and it is very good at knocking off spider webs off of aluminum framed windows but on anything wooden, it tends to be a bit more tougher.

I am a window cleaner but slowly trying to get myself hopefully in two years to be able to add power washing.

So basically if a power washer could be used to knock down spider webs, what gallons per minute and PSI would I need to do it safely? Ideally I would prefer something very compact and something that will match the pressure coming from the water source so i don’t have to worry about burning out the pump

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Even though I already knew the answer, I found it in 30 seconds with a quick search on here. I will let you find it because It seems If I keep feeding you the info you will never learn how to find it out yourself


Most folks on here have equipment capable of downstreaming. We don’t use pressure on cobwebs, our HW mix melts them like cotton candy. 65-100 psi, 1% SH on the surface should do it


I already did a search on this topic and wasn’t specific to what I was looking for. I was under the impression I could get into power washing taking a 3 day course at Splash Academy but now realize that would be a waste of money.

So I am going to start out small. Before I commit to buying a truck and a lot of money into this, I want to first start small, work on things that may not be significant or relavent to power washing in general, but this is no different then when I first got into window cleaning. Over the years I have learned which soaps work the best, which squeegee rubbers are good, which are aweful etc…

Ah Bingo! OK please well me what does “HW mix” means and where can I get that? And when you say 65 to 100PSI, if I buy a pressure washer at Home Depot for instance, can you recommend a specific unit? I am looking for something portable and small because I have all my waterfed cleaning etc… in my trunk of my car.

There are threads for every single one of the questions you have. HW mix is house wash mix

Henry is right, there’s a wealth of information on here and you’d really do yourself a huge favor by spending about 72 hours reading. You’ll find it difficult to do what you want to do, at pressure that won’t harm a house, out of the trunk of your car. Just search “softwash” to get started.

Don’t buy a pressure washer from Home Depot. Get at least a 4 gpm. Any smaller than that and it takes forever to wash anything. You’ll get the bug though and eventually upgrade to an 8 gpm though.

About the only thing you’ll use high pressure on is concrete, brick, etc. Everything else comes down to using low pressure and the right chemicals. That’s why gpm is so important. it speeds up cleaning which means more houses washes in a day. There are guys knocking out 8 houses a day with an 8 gpm. If you get a small washer from home depot you’ll be lucky to do one or two a day.


I hear you but my primary business is window cleaning. Been doing very well and thought I could expand my business. However, after using my Waterfed pole to clean the wooden siding(definitely not the right tool), it took me literally 2 days to to both that and the window cleaning. Now just imagine if I was doing the patio and the sidewalks it would probably be 3 days.

I am thnking maybe I just stick to window cleaning and maybe a housewash only, but using the proper products. I used EZ Armor the link below just using a garden hose and it seems to work very well and also fast. Someone on here said never use bleach on dark painted colors but seems this product works fantastic. Wish I know how much bleach is used in this HW mix and how much does the sprayer dilute the mix


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