What is the best to put on gutters with stains?

I been reading about Spray Nine says it gets the worst ones clean??
any body used it… u mix it 50/50??

Paint them

Gutter grenade from pressuretek. Takes the streaks off quick. Will also take the paint off if it’s in bad shape or you use too high a concentration. Takes all types of oxidation off of surfaces, so it’s real important to keep the surrounding siding and other surfaces rinsed.

Others have reported success using “LA’s Totally Awesome” all purpose cleaner at the dollar store- not sure about that option, personally.

I use gutter zap mix it up and brush it on then rinse test a small section to make sure your mix is right it will clean the tiger stripes off

I only found the Spray Nine, I did part of my gutters and it really cleaned them up. Took off all the black stains…Tks for all you guys help input

Another vote for Gutter Grenade F13. My boss tried using Simple Green as a cheaper alternative and it worked okay, but there is no comparison to F13. Heed Alex’s advice though, it WILL take paint off if you’re not careful and have too strong of a concentration.

WELL GUESS WHAT… I used the Spray Nine

Lol. Did you really use a turbo nozzle on the gutters?

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Yea like I said chit for brains, that is what was on when I got over to it, I thought ill get back 5 6’ just knock off the nine…

Why are you not repainting his gutters?

I did them got em real clean they see that, it sells.

Smh. This industry might kill itself before the EPA, PWNA or others can.

I agree paint them, well I guess in a way that’s what the home owner had to do…

It just makes legitimate companies look like jack legs when stuff like this happens. It’s one thing to clean and mess up your families house or something trying to help but this guy does it for money and even advertises

Well Ok

I don’t hate on it and I’m glad you have a full time gig. Those of us that do this for a living have our businesses hurt when a customer tell us about the last guy who took the paint of his gutters or did the job for what was offered. Not knocking you. Earn your part time money. We all have to make a living. Just think about how your actions may affect orhers.

How my actions bad, man said let his grandson fix it… I will fix it man was happy with what he got…

Man you cleaned gutters with a turbo nozzle. You took the paint off and didn’t fix the problem. You allowed the owner to dictate the price. You do realize that when you delete your posts we can still read them. Do your thing. You aren’t in my state so I guess I dont care

sure is a lot Hate and Jealous people on here…
He is a Old man 80 years old I will do it his way for him. Man was very happy he EVEN tips me extra $50 . Wish I’d never shared the story. I will make sure it gets painted right.
Son don’t be so jealous and hateful on somebody that does good, and hits a good lick.
And hate on this, HIS SON is President of a local bank he calls me and wants me to come wash his 3 bank branches. Hate on that awhile…

Seriously, nobody is jealous or hateful. People here do this work for a living (or like me, currently work for somebody else but want to start own business) and it is simply bad business to not fix your own mistake. When the guy said his grandson would fix it, you should have said, “No, sir, I will be back to paint it tomorrow.” End of story. In my eyes, there is no other option than that.

At the end of the day, it’s your business though so you can run it as you see fit. If you’re good with the grandson repainting gutters that you removed the paint from then more power to you. Just my .02.