What is the best customer base to market for when doing residential services?

I ran one route with EDDM and sent out 400 postcards at the time. Unfortunately I did not zoom in to the houses cause they were all brick driveways and some were townhouses with two residences and one driveway. Where is the “sweet spot” when researching routes and what are some of the tools you guys use to get the most bang for your buck? Mine also went into a gated community which I was not sure if it was a HOA or not?? I appreciate any help I can get, mucho gracias from the sunny south. :slight_smile:

melissadata.com for researching carrier routes. I like older neighborhoods with Mature shade trees, Vinyl siding and household incomes over $80K. Generally, that would indicated two incomes which means also do not have the time to do themselves.

Also, actually drive around to different hoods to see the streets that have the vinyl, the concrete etc. But don’t get excited when you see dirty houses. Generally you are better sending marketing material to hoods that are already clean as they are the ones that would have the work done. The dirty ones are dirty for a reason.

Repeat mailings provide better ROI over time. One and Done is fast way to losing money.

Great Advise as Always Michael!

Michael is spot on with this. I used to look for neighborhoods full of dirty houses, but like Michael said they are that way for a reason. It is better to look for neighborhoods with mostly clean homes as they probably have a HOA that requires them to have their houses clean. If you see a dirty home in a clean neighborhood you especially want to add that address to your mailings because if you saw it, chances are the HOA has seen it too and will be sending them a letter telling them they need to get it cleaned.

Very good info. I try to use all the tools available with the Internet. I use google maps and sidewalk view to cover a lot of ground and saving money. The siding and is a new trick for me to look for. Also white pages neighborhood view has been really helpful. I will try melissadata.com too. Thank you for the reply!