What is the best concrete cleaner for restaurants & dumpsters?


Hello, I am having a hard time finding a quality product to clean heavy saturated grease and oil off of back doors and dumpsters at commercial restaurants. Does anyone have any thoughts on this, preferably an environmentally friendly product would be great. Thanks


What have you tried so far?

Capitol Pro Wash
Salem, Oregon


EBC and hot water!

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I 2nd EBC. Has been great for me so far. If it is REALLY bad than maybe a caustic mix but EBC will get the job done in most cases.


Sodium hydroxide

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dear mam also looking for same.


Chemicals are a tricky subject. Everyone has their favorite.

We get allot of companies wanting us to try their chemicals in our Deep Cleaning application. We also have had scientific lab tests done showing which is more affective on different types of oils and also on different food oils/ food grease…etc…

We are always looking for the best of the best. We are testing a new research chemical as we speak for hydraulic and petroleum oils. If it is as good as we have seen thus far, small areas such as gas station pad cleaning will be obsolete by today’s cleaning standards and no other chemical listed on these forums would even come close to this one. We are in negotiations for the chemical to be licensed through us.

We have also tried EBC at $135 for a 5 gallon jug and have video using EBC at FULL Strength per Carlos recommendations for Parking Garage Cleaning. Unfortunately we never saw a reason to buy more and still have several gallons left from the testing.

Purple Power was on the list of Nation Chemicals Tested and ended up at number 3 for removing hydraulic and petroleum oils. You can buy it at Walmart for $11.67 for 2.5 gallons.


I’ve washed a couple carwashes with a chemical called standhardt, degrimer maxx. It worked really good fairly priced as well for 5 gal pale. I’m about to be using around 110 gal of ebc in the coming weeks so we shall see how that works out. In the pics are some before and after I used it both on the walls and flatwork. This was done with only a 2.7gpm machine and a 15in surface cleaner, I Xjet the walls and then used a bit of pressure on the rince. These were my first Bigish size jobs and was only in business for about a month.