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Hello wand magicians, I’m am new and been stalking the forum. I have a old thread that @marinegrunt jump into to help out, but the thread has gone cold. I have a 4kpsi at 4gpm Honda with a belt drive Cat pump. I purchased a new GP 18 GZ surface cleaner, and it doesn’t seem to be working they way I’d expect - it tilts forward, and bogs down, like it doesn’t spin as fast as I think it should. It won’t HOVER and moving left to right - I may as well go to the gym. I have checked the nozzle and that are 25020, and clear of obstruction. Is this to big for a 4K psi at 4gpm. Also I have question on surface differences. My Crete is brighter than the neighbors that I cleaned, now I have never pre or post treated mine.

I’m wayyyy to new to be giving advice but the rule of thumb I’ve heard was gpm X 4 as max surface cleaner size. So a 4 gpm would work best at a max size of 16… but I’m ready to be corrected at any time.

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Hello and thank you, I am ultralight new and learning. I was at a different shop from where I bought my machine-awesome as it is- and told him what I had. I explained that my neighbor had a 20” BE and a dewalt direct drive and it was acting the same way (bogging down) he suggested the 18” . I’m sure I ll get it figured out -hopefully sooner than later as I’m playing around on the neighborhood sidewalks.

Maybe next time just reply to your original thread. It’ll bring it back to the top and the text will be in bold so we know there are new replies. Doing so helps us see what advice you have gotten from others and what you’ve tried already.

I’ve always heard the same thing as @Greenman although I’ve never tried going above the 4". per gpm. Someone who has will have to comment on that. Remember though, the bigger the surface cleaner the slower you have to move. If you would’ve gotten a 16" you’d be able to move faster so could be more efficient than an 18 gpm.

Let’s see if I remember everything we talked about in the other thread. If I remember right you checked the nozzles and one was slightly out but not bad. You fixed it. I think I mentioned removing the nozzles and flushing the surface cleaner to make sure nothing is clogged. How about setting the unloader? For all you know it’s not set right.

As for the front not lifting up just pull that hose loop either up or down. You can adjust it and feel the difference in whether the front or back lifts up or doesn’t. Centering the loop or close to should do it.

Your machine probably doesn’t put out both 4k psi and 4 gpm so maybe get some 25025’s and see what happens.

As far as your concrete being brighter it probably depends on when it was poured and how old each is.

I briefly used my 16" Ultra Clean with my 4/4200 machine and it really didn’t float much at all. Once I got my 5.5 I practically had to add weights on the top.

my 20" GP would try to fly away if I only ran a 50’ section of hose rather than 200’ on my 4x4 machine

Thanks again for the information. I have learned to work the hose on the surface cleaner to keep it angled properly, and it work a lot better. I haven’t got to playing with new tips yet, but did lift the spray bar. Good or bad idea? And the unloaded was set by the shop I bought it at. Is there a way to check it and where should it be. image|374x500](upload://vxjn2HzyiudT6va4R29yKyh1iw0.jpeg)

Man, I don’t pretend to know much about this stuff, but here’s a pic of my Ultra Clean with 2503’s.

I am running a 4k 4gpm machine with a 20inch gp hammerhead no problems. It doesn’t hover unless i pick up on it alittle bit then it takes off.

Im using 25025 tips and i had the same problem with mine tilting forwards. Push or pull the hose running down the shaft of the surface cleaner to give / take away slack on the hose above the pan.

Thanks, I have driveway and patio job today and it worked really well, getting good control and motion. I’m going to test putting the bar back down and see if I have the same results. With the bar currently up I was able to move pretty quick and no tiger striping. Although it was paver and they give up the dirt easily, I still like the way it was working.