What if I put two downstream injectors in line?

I was thinking about this today… Always thinking about finicky injectors how to get more concentration of soap sometimes with regular ds injectors…

I quick couple my injector in at the hose reel swivel, so I can remove when pressure washing…running a surface cleaner etc.
I use to couple it in about 8 feet further upline, right at the output of the pump…but anyway, what would happen if I put another one there again, and still left one at the hose reel? Would I be able to draw twice as much soap?

Good question. I haven’t used down stream injectors once I discovered x-jets 11-12 yrs ago but the first question I would think is can you just double the strength of your soap mix instead?

Besides that I would guess that your draw would be weak as far as PSI goes to the point that you will have problems maybe shooting it up on a house… But that’s only a guess.

If it works OK I wonder how many injectors you can put in line before it doesn’t work at all?

No, it will not draw more due to too much back pressure.

Call Bob at PT state to get the best info and injectors for your set-up

Already tried it, Bob. Neither iinjector sucked, and I assumed it was, as JC said, tof much back pressure.

I use 3-5 gpm injectors with my 8gpm machine. It pulls soap like crazy.

Bob check out envirospec they have some sorta chemical injection. I dont know anymore than that about it. Looks good…

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Hey Lou,

Yes ive seen the double barb injectors from espec previously. I once bought one of their super suds suckers, and it sucked, in the bad way… Did not last very long, like about a month or so…

Bob, I think what Lou is talking about is a bit different. It’s a 12v pump hooked up to a down streamer. Basically it forces chemical into the downstream injector so you can get a much higher concentration. You could probably make one of these yourself very easily.

I actually did think of doing that Micah… Did not know they already had it… Crap, I was already planning how to spend the million$ I was going to make…