What Equipment Spend On?

I’m looking to start my business this spring. I’m wondering other than the main pressure washer what equipment should be bought high quality and not cheaped on?

Depends on what you plan to do. House soft wash, surface cleaning, etc.

Everything should be hi quality


As long as it’s blue you’ll be fine. Don’t buy any of that green or yellow crap . It only last a few weeks before it turns orange

This is (supposed to be) a professional washing forum.
Many of the basic answers have been answered time and time again by the professional washers here.
If you have no idea what you are doing, then you probably don’t know what questions you are asking.
If you will spend more than 28 minutes reading here, you will find that out.
That’s like me going on to a professional auto mechanics page and saying, ’ I want to start working on cars this Spring. What tools do I need, and what tools can I buy cheap and which tools should I pay high dollar for’
Every professional mechanic on the board automatically knows, I have NO idea what I am talking about or how to fix anything. Some may answer, but most will wait until I learn more or go away.
Just imagine the responses I would get. They would be all over the place, if I got any at all.
Take the time, read about what you are getting ready to get into. No one here can give you a definitive answer on such a broad question.
Invest the time in yourself by researching. No one was born knowing how to wash a house.
Read,read,read and read some more. Use the search function.