What Equipment Am I Forgetting?

Ok, I have bought quite a bit of equipment, but I am getting down to all the smaller details and I just need some help making sure I am not missing anything, and also some advice on what equipment I should get. I will be doing mostly residential work to start out.

Currently I have:
5x8 Trailer
Belt-Driven 5.5 GPM 2500 PSI Pressure Washer
65 Gallon Buffer Tank
18" Surface Cleaner
15 Gallon Chemical Tank (For storage only)
150 ft Pressure Hose Reel
150 ft Supply Line Reel
100 ft Supply Line
2 Pump Up Sprayers
2 Five Gallon Buckets
Chemicals (SH, Sodium Perc, Oxalic Acid, Etc…)

I know I still need:
Two 100ft Pressure Hoses (One will be a back up incase I need added length. Should I go with non-marking?)
Cones (For when parking on street)
Spray Gun and Lance (Should I have multiple setups? If so what kind of setups?)
Hudson Float Valve
Downstream Injector
Plumbing for system (Are there any really good guides to setting up plumbing?)
J-Rod & Different Size Nozzles

Questions I have:
Do I need a Turbo Nozzle?
What filters should I go with for plumbing setup?
What are some good spray gun brands, setups, etc… (I can’t find a lot of info about this online)
When setting up plumbing, is there anything special I should worry about with my machine?

I know this is a lot of information, so I appreciate any help you all are willing to give! Thanks!


Unloader block and whip linenfor it.


Just make sure doing your part of reading and looking around… these dudes have already supplied a TON of info… i dont know how to make my answer BOLD, but they are in the quote

Look at Pressure Washer Products online. They have a good diagram for setting up your buffer tank and what’s needed. They also sell kits for the plumbing.

And I’m going to say your going to want all 200’ of pressure hose in use. I’d put the 200’ on your reel and then get another 100’ as a backup. Your also going to need a whip line between the reel and the pump and I’d get a backup just in case.

Sutner for your guns.

I have a small filter between my reel and my buffer tank, and a blue top filter between the tank and my pump.

I don’t have a turbo, but I hear they are good to have.


ladder(s) and ladder rack.

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Thank you all so much for taking the time to comment. These comments have already helped me out a ton! I was planning to go with Suttner for my guns, but I wanted to get the confirmation from you guys first.

I will do a lot more research on plumbing. I know there is a lot of info out there, and I don’t expect any member of this group to spend their evening typing it all out for me. I just trust this group and thought I would check here first to see if maybe someone from the group had made a video or guide.

Once again, thank you all so much for the help! I really appreciate it!


This was a good thread for miscellaneous stuff.

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YES on the turbo nozzle and put a high pressure filter on it we use them alot especially edges of concrete gives the runoff somewhere to go works great and a dual boot dryer if u don’t have one on big jobs we carry it with us and plug it up ur feet will appreciate it

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loose the pump sprayers they are dreadfull to use go electric. quick scan it look like you only have 150 feet of pressure hose, I could not operate with that I have 250 on reel and 100 back up

pump sprayers suck cut the gun off the hose and put this gun on it I have three of these and they are fantastic


A roof pum is huge even if you do not do roofs they are a must at some point


you need more then one injector also they go out all the time, you also should have a xjet just as a back up if nothing else

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Here’s a good plumbing guide (someone else mentioned it already, but here’s the link)


Zoro.com is a good source for Banjo brand fittings.

For the inlet on your pump, lose the strainer assembly and replace with one of these:


Ball valve & back up quick connects & plugs

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I’ll tell you something I learned. Being in Texas, where most the houses are brick or stone, you’ll need an Xjet, DS injector won’t work.

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Why won’t a DS injector work? I’m not arguing, I’m just curious.

Well, I tried and tried, couldn’t get it clean. Guys here have told me that it’s too pourous and need a hot mix. 3% or better. I had to hit a whole patio with my pump sprayer. I have an xjet now but haven’t had a chance to use it.

I use my bandit roof pump for brick.

I saw another thread where @Racer was discussing cleaning brick. The thing here is there is no mold or mildew really, most of the brick I see isn’t even that dirty. So if I am cleaning vinyl siding on the rear of the house, vinyl siding at the peaks, and the trim, do I really need to be concerned about the cleaning power my mix has on brick that isn’t even that dirty. I’m thinking my housewash mix will do fine to freshen up the brick while really cleaning the rest of the vinyl surfaces. Of course, I know this will change if I ever encounter an extremely dirty brick house, or one with bad stains. Also, I am planning to use Sap It as my surfactant because I can get it locally at PowerWash.com and save the shipping.

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You will be fine if it is just dirty and no algae. You shouldnstill get an xjet just to have in your tool box. Better to have it if you do need it.

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I downstream everything. I haven’t had any issues with the exception of a few stucco jobs, and even then I just had to hit them a couple of times. Would the xjet have saved me a little time, probably. But it didn’t take that much time to just hit it again. I would like to eventually add an xjet, but it hasn’t really been much of an issue for me at this point.