What does your door to door pitch sound like?

As a full time car salesman, I learned how to speak with clients confidently so door to door won’t be too bad for me. I just want to know what you experienced guys say and what kind of keywords or phrases I should say and not say. Thanks guys!

Mine goes like this:

Hello Mr/Mrs (name)! Thanks for filling out the contact request on our website! How can we help you?

I know that’s pretty smart allecky, but that’s as close to door to door as I get.

I usually only go door to door for commercial properties. But either way bring some good marketing materials, I carry a brochure and business cards, and do your best to get their contact info. The majority of sales will be when you follow up with them. That being said, people aren’t very receptive to door to door salesman. Especially in high income neighborhoods. You might just be better off leaving door hangers

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Our small 3 man operation relays totally on door to door Knocking . Before power washing i was in concrete repair and asphalt sealcoating before that. Where I also relied 100% on Door to door.

When going door to door offering Power Washing Services, I learned to never say I am a power washer or I do power washing, Because 95% of the time the home owner will respond with - No Thank You I Own a Power washer and I Can Do It Myself - Instead I introduce myself and say I specialize in Professional Exterior Cleaning or Expert Exterior Mold & lichen Removal. These phrases most often will spark they’re interest and cause them to ask you more questions about your services. even when you are pricing the job and explaining your process to the customer, Never say power washing. Instead use words like Soft Washing - Low Pressure - Xjet Technology - Surface Cleaning - and make it clear to the potential customer that you never use high pressure on the home or its delicate surfaces and that you the only thing that you can safely use high pressure on is concrete, brick ECT.

When going Door to Door always remember The Customer Did Not Call for a estimate and is most likely hasn’t thought about or even concerned about the matter, So you have to literally talk him into it and create the concern. Always do your best to get the potential customers outside with you as your doing the estimate, So you can point out all the problem areas. Getting the individual looking at the dirty area as your explaining the process of how your going to clean it, is what will create the concern and interest. Always have easy to handle before and after pics of your work and pics of someone surface cleaning and direct the focus on the Surface cleaner itself, as you explain the benefits of this specialized piece of equipment. When talking about cleaning a house show them a pic of a really soaped up house.

The majority of people who go door to door are known to be unprofessional, untrustworthy, shady crooks and even professional thief’s. The potential customer has been made aware to never trust people who show up to the door offering a home improvement service. So you also have to find a way to set yourself apart from that criminal element.


Some very good points.

Great points. I door knock when I have less than 4 jobs scheduled. I like to have things scheduled. My sales pitch is very similar. Also, a couple things to add. Dress nice, DON’T smoke before you go door knocking (if you smoke that is). Most people find it offensive to be met at the door with someone that reeks of cigarette smoke. Smile a lot and make small talk if you can get past the first 30 seconds of conversation (that’s the make it or break it point I think). If I don’t get a couple calls here soon I’ll be knocking on doors in the next week or so. Good luck. Also gleocapsa magma. Glee-o-cap-sa mag-ma. :raised_hands:t3:

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This was amazing info. I didn’t even think to not say power washing and that makes sense why. I’m going to have to revise my pitch.

I just created this account to reply to you. I’ve been in door to door for 5 years in multiple different industries and you are dead wrong. First off high income areas are some of the best to sell in :joy: if you look presentable and come off confident people are very receptive. Quit spreading false information cause you don’t like selling door to door

FYI you just replied to someone 5 years late. meaning he gave this information before you were even door knocking

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Quit creating an account to spread false information :slight_smile: