What does "Babe Ruth" have to do with Powerwashers

What does “Babe Ruth” have to do with Powerwashers?
This is the question I have been asked the most. There are alot of people who see this like I do and much more who don’t. Charlie Arnold the PWNA chair on this committee understands my thinking on this completely. He actually explained it to me yesterday via phone call better then I can explain it and I am the person with the information of it all(POI)

So this is it. There is no common ground with Babe Ruth and Powerwashing itself. None. But what Powerwashers do in some aspects then there is a tremendous similarity with Babe Ruth. Maybe on a different scale but all with the same meaning and that is… “To give back” to Volunteer what you can do to make others feel better for it. That’s the common ground.

From the presidential folder I have and read to other documents and just doing my own searches there was a life outside of baseball with Babe Ruth that is possibly more phenomenal than his un-parallel baseball career. In baseball alone Babe Ruth is the only true 6 tool player who excelled at everyone of them to be considered a star 6 tool player(Baseball terminology)

There’s way to much info that I can lay down here but in a nutshell Babe Ruth gave back. He volunteered himself to be the ambassador of baseball on his own to go around and visit kids all over the place. Whether they were sick in a hospital, numerous ones being kept at a disease hospital or even going as far out to a leprosy camp when he was ordered not to, so he can give himself back to the people is remarkable.
What he did in dealing with Hitlers Nazism Is extraordinary and keep in mind George Herman Ruth was German. What he did for this country when it was down and also what he did for this country when it was going to war is one of the reasons when the Japanese kamikaze’s came here to kill there line was “let’s kill Babe Ruth”

There’s alot here.

As I am in flight to get to the PWNA Convention it still makes sense to me the connection to the Powerwashers. Plenty of Powerwashers give back by volunteering, doing philanthropic things, helping people when there down or just helping people who helped us as a country www.cleaningforheroes.com Is an example.

In turn the Powerwashers have a chance to help rewrite history by being part of a potential and historical thing involving Babe Ruth. Linda Ruth Tosetti has given us this opportunity and it’s working both ways where it’s only a win win.

So this is what it’s about. It may never be clear for some, never accepted for others but it was never meant to be like that and for the ones who think like that your not alone. If there was a perfect solution believe me I banged my head over and over trying to find it. I exhausted myself to get to that solution but I couldn’t find it.

So this is where we are today. Could it have been much better…sure. But just to be clear I have never given up and hopefully one day this Industry can help Linda get her Mothers wish who happens to be Babe Ruth’s only blood related child he ever had, and that is to get Babe Ruth recognized for the true man he really was. A man who was like a big Kid who just loved giving back especially to children his gift of never giving up and his natural ability to star In the sport he loved which was baseball and to also give that back before during and after his career ended to many from around the world by him just showing up to be with…them.

Bout time someone explained this. I was thinking maybe he started pw’n… :slight_smile:

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Easier explanation-
In your Powerwashing field there are contractors who do Humanitarian things such as volunteering there services. Linda Ruth Tosetti does that as did her Grandfather Babe Ruth who was off the charts doing that. That’s the connection and what brought that together was a small Powerwashing thing that was done.

That’s it.