What do you wear?

Most days I use rubber boots and rubber overalls, although they are pretty hot on warm days. I tend to wear it though as I already managed to get bleach on my clothes. I was considering a military flight suit for a bit more airflow.

What do you find works for you?

Dickey’s pants hold up well in tan and white. I always were rubber or neoprene boots

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Interesting, may have to find some.

Dickies and ankle high muck boots or ankle high cheap bass pro muck knockoffs.

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I almost got a pair of the knock offs a few weeks ago . How are they ?

They are ok… i wear them when mucks are wet and had them 2 years.

For the $30 they are a good boot to have. Not uncomfortable, but not the fit of mucks.

Polyester golf shorts and custom company polyester dry-fit shirt…cobalt blue. 12.5 straight doesn’t do anything to them. Shoes are Sketchers slip resistant shoes that look like rubber crocs. I like to work comfortable.

I wear these shorts in navy, they stay the colour for many months
and polyester shirts

Cheap Ben Hogan golf shorts from Walmart - $14 a pair and don’t bleach out. Ben Hogan pollster polos as well.

I’d rather have wet feet then wearing rubber boots all day. I wear Merrill low cuts…but feet still get wet

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Mostly from thick wet lawns

I keep those in the truck for flatwork only, a back up pair…i have pulled up to a job and didnt have any shoes with me, that was a day i was glad i keep those merrells in truck box.

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Wet clothes

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Usually business T-shirt, jogging shorts and xtratoughs

I like a speedo, knee high doc martins and a members only jacket for overspray protection.


Stop looking at my profile pic.

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I bet you get alot of call from old ladies with perfectly clean houses​:joy::joy:

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Not just the ladies :wink:

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Real talk here. I once had some straight SH splash onto my chest. I grabbed my rinse hose and immediately washed it.

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