What do you like best about roof cleaning?

What do you like least?

I like Pressure washing the most. As, it is one of the most reasonable and simplest ways to increase your house value and easy to use and very cost effective.

I like the dramatic difference the most. I really dislike the high chances of killing plants, grass, and discoloring some sensitive exterior surfaces.

I like the money the most:D. The chemicals for roof washing are one of the most extreme mixes we use with Chlorine and that’s no fun on the lungs. The only thing worse then that at times is dealing with Oxalic acid. Citric acid is ok but Oxalic rules and 1 of my guys around 6-7 yrs ago refused to wear his mask when I was spraying the house with Oxalic and sure as heck a gust of wind caught the spray and hit him dead on about 15 away while he was smoking a cigarette. He was hospitalized almost 4 days because of that and the adverse reaction he had…
Live and learn

not turning houses green

What I best like about roof cleaning is that its relaxing, quiet and decent margins…

What I don’t like is the strong smell, heights and making sure my watering guy isn’t in la-la land.

I like Sodium hydroxide-base cleaning. It is most often done by professional roofing companies. It is the best way to degrease your roof, but can also be hazardous to the roof if you don’t know the proper use of it.

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Who the heck wants to degrease a roof!?

I really don’t understand why anyone would use anything else to clean a roof other than SH…nothing works like it…

I like the Money!

Hey, Mike!

I like using purple power to degrease my shingled roofs…

Who the heck wants to degrease a roof!

Funny I should see this thread. I have a customer with a restaurant with a filthy roof viewable from the street. The algae formation is a pice of cake. The part that stumped me was the accumulation of something, probably grease related, coming from a vent and running down as well. When I noticed that I decided to put of aggressively selling the service until I learned more…


Clean the roof as you normally would first. Then go back and apply a food grade degreaser to the areas that need it. You will then have to pressure wash those areas. If its shingle roof cold water only and 500 psi to 1000 psi MAX. If it tile then you could use heat and higher pressure. The biggest key here is to use the correct degreaser if it at a restaurant just double check to make sure it is a grease and not soot

Now I can approach the owner with a solution I believe will work and allow him to make a decision…

Thank you sir.

Be aware of this if this is a shingle roof and the stained area needs multiple applications to completely remove the stain that area may appear lighter in color when finished . If its tile these should be no worries

It’s shingles. I’ll be sure to set expectations appropriately and go with cold water and low pressure after a food de greaser. It’s a definite eyesore at a better eating establishment.

Thanks again.

I like the wow factor!