What do you guys use for an in=person, door-to-door approach to finding work?

So how does one new to pressure washing find work? Please note that I didn’t say “advertise”. I said “find work”. I have a business to start building. I am not going, aside from some flyers and business cards (both to be handed out in person, NOT left on doors), going to spend a dime on advertising. I don’t need to, I am experienced in door to door sales and am not shy about knocking on doors if that’s what it takes to get residential business at least. The most effective and efficient way to find work is to get out there and put some boots on the ground instead of just spending money on advertising, then thinking you’ll just sit back and wait for the phone to ring off the hook. It never works out that way. So what are your experiences in prospecting in person, what schpiel do you use-if one at all-and where do you go to give it? What is your residential pitch and what is your commercial pitch? How many customers will have you do the work that day versus later? What extras do you throw in? I often throw in the front of the garage and the garage door if they have a garage, maybe also give their metal lawn furniture a once-over if that’s what it takes to clinch a deal. How often do most businesses have their front sidewalks done? With glass cleaning, for instance, evcery two weeks is typical. How often do businesses like their stuff pressure washed? Just asking everyone to share experiences and brainstorm as well. I’ll post any other ideas I have here. Thanks.

Here you need to pay a fee and have the appropriate badge to knock. We do not use this method.

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Where I live, it’s still legal to walk down the street, up to someone’s front door and talk to them about whatever you like. Of course you do have to leave a ssoon as they say they’re not interested, close the door, or tell you to leave. You know, like it’s been since, well, houses were invented.
I’m going to try this since it’s one of the few things I can afford right now, and it’s a legit way to find work. I’ll employ other methods later. I can’t afford to let the perfect be the enemy of the good in the mean time.

I suppose if having a “schpiel” and going door to door was a profitable, we wouldn’t waste so much time on advertising and waiting for the phone to ring. But you seem to know what you’re doing so good luck with that…

I’d love to advertise! All it takes is money. Same with vacations, bills, etc. Funny, isn’t it?

BS post…so what’s your deal???

Hi guys!!!
I’m relatively new to the pressure wash industry and have soooo much to learn. I just want to share my experiences going door to door. I started going out right after the first of the year with my business card magnets. I simply introduced myself and offered to give them a free quote if at anytime they might need my services. I offered my card and suggested they put it on their fridge. Never once had anyone been rude and most where very appreciative. I was floored how many called me in the spring and throughout the season. I think the key is a “soft sell” approach. I suggest going out with the mindset of introducing yourself and making new friends. My background has been in the health club industry and I’ve owned and operated several over the years. The gym atmosphere can be a very intimidating for many people so we trained all salespeople to focus on finding out a prospective member’s needs and offering solutions as opposed to closing a sale. I think anyone who does this and sticks too it will not be disappointed. I urge that you don’t get discouraged and pat yourself on the back every time you canvas a neighborhood. I promise it will be time well spent.


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Just starting out here as well. Sounds like a decent approach for door to door when you’re building up money for advertising. Will have to try it in the coming months.

Hi Zen!!

I just signed up with Jobber and Responsibid. I’m really excited and hoping it does well. Talking to both companies has helped lift my confidence. They really seem to care and are willing to provide me with much needed guidance. I’ve got a lot to learn about the web and seo!!! I’ll keep you posted on how it’s going. I’ve got my fingers crossed!!!

Oh and good luck to you, Zen

Hey guys, brand new here also. Wanted to atleast share what has worked for me. NEWS PAPER ADDS. Yes that is advertising i know and not door to door. The best part about the news paper return was this. Who reads the news paper these days? OLD PPL (mostly). If they called, i had about a 90% success rate landing the job. It took $ to make $ for sure. My best add was $500 for a half page color add. Had a before and after of a local house wash we did with basic info. Of the 19 phone calls landed from the add i got 17 of the jobs. I do not charge the guy next door rate either. Im a firm believer that in this business $250-$300+ hourly is what should be aimed for. Most basic 1500 sq ft homes were $350-400. Washing with 8gpm pressure pro from bob at pt.

One of those jobs turned up a $1900 stucco church wash… I have already prepaid for three half page color adds for 2017 already which i can run whenever i want in 2017. Ive got a bunch lined up for spring already so not gonna publish any of them until i get caught up on that stuff first. Cant wait! Love this line of work!!

Wow! Just realized tjis is a really old post!! Lol