What Do You Do During Winter

  • I live in Florida, Hawaii, etc. What is this winter you speak of? I wash on!
  • I’m in Alaska. Winter is life.
  • I migrate like a bird, washing along the way.
  • I migrate like a bird, vacationing all the way.
  • I live, eat, and sleep washing. I spend the “off” session preparing for and dreaming about washing.
  • I tinker with other stuff, go hunting, or otherwise pursue hobbies.
  • Down time for a good time. No work for the weary.
  • I light the way for Santa and his reindeer.
  • My truck pushes white stuff around when needed.
  • Other (Please comment what else you do.)

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Get fat and atrophy for two months. Go to the range or bowl a lot.

What eats up a bit of my time every year…spent today doing this

Most of the tall trees are scraggly still, but he insists on us lighting them anyway, lol


Relax, go south…why not.

Fleet washing, we wash all year on a set schedule. I get jealous of the house washers around November through march.


Down in south Florida my washing season starts in September and goes through April. I cater to the migraters who vacation all year. I couldnt imagine paying to have multiple homes cleaned every year. Unless theyre income properties, which these definitely are not for them

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Handyman services and get ready for next season.

So you don’t wash May-August? What do you do during that time then?

Oooh, pretty lights… Well done!

I might wash 3 days a month that time of year. I have a lawn maintenance business also and that provides consistent revenues as well as trimming, irrigation, fertilization and landscaping opportunities. Theres nothing wrong with enjoying the pool, beach, golf course and everglades trips of course


Ive been planning my marketing strategies and counting down the days until i can quit my boat job. Have debated getting into the plowing business but dont want to over extend myself. Box truck and upgrade equipment next year and get everything paid off before thinking about that.


That’s crazy

nope …

I once had a secretary for awhile whose family owned a large apple orchard in upstate NY that was right on the shore of Lake Ontario. The darn snow would be up to the eves of the barn and it was huge. They cut these tunnels, trenches or whatever in the snow so they could walk to it and get in the doors. 12 foot high sides on the trenches. It was nuts. From the top of the snow you could walk directly onto the top of the barn. Not for me.

Long John’s do nothing! $8 dollar Wally World fuzzy Women’s leggings are where is at lol. Seriously I kid you not :wink:


Hey, you wanna wear womens clothes, I am ok with that, it’s your thing. To each his own. I have worn polypropelene for years as a base, then layers overtop. It works and I don’t have to shop in the women’s section. When it gets cold, the last layer I put on is my insulated coveralls. No wind entry, no loss of heat, but you sweat like heck when shoveling. A balaclava is always a good thing.

Since I build fires in the winter, I like cotton/wool material on the exterior as it doesn’t melt.

We never get that much snow, that is silly. You live near water like the lake erie snow effect? Lake ontario?

I used to put up snow fencing for the snowdrift, now I make drift cuts with my tractor. Learned it from western NY people. Lake effect snow is crazy, you go 2-5 mile in any other direction and there might not be any snow at all.

I’m too smart to not take my wife’s advice as she’s 500 times smarter than me on my best day. I asked her years ago and I haven’t looked back :rofl:

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