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Landa Hot water pressure washer Gas Powered/Diesel Heated
Belt drive landa pump w/7year warranty
Hanguard electric start
Schedule 80 hewating coil with stainless top wrap
4.7 gpm 3500 psi
50ft. high pressure hose
trigger gun, wand, nozzles
Total = $5,995

Water cannon website
Hot Water-Honda GX 630-Key Start-8GPM-3500 psi
• Hot water pressure washer with 118 degree F temperature rise

• 20 amp charging system

• Super skid stationary platform

• Rugged steel, low-profile frame with powder coated finish

• 48"L x 40"W x 41"H frame dimensions offer versatile installation

• Super efficient schedule 80 coil (coil is prorated)

• Stainless steel coil wrap, burner hood, and control panel

• 15 gallon poly diesel and gasoline fuel tanks with fuel filters

• Reliable Honda or Subaru gasoline commercial/industrial electric start engine

• Includes 12 volt burner and marine duty battery box

• Fully self-contained, no external power required

• Choice of reliable Cat and General pumps

• 3VX belt system offers balanced power transfer

• Engine and pump oil drains offer easy maintenance

• Safety pressure relief valve

• Reliable Beckett burners

• Adjustable thermostat

Standard Accessories
• 50’ hose
• Down stream chemical injector
• 4 color-coded QC spray nozzles
• 1 color-coded QC chemical nozzle
Total $6,509

I’m sure the landa is better quality, but If you go up any in GPM, they go up several thousand dollar’s in price.

Can’t get 8 gpm 3500 with a 630

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It actually has a 690

What unit did you end up going with? I’m looking into Landa and other options as well. Seeing your price on the Landa has convinced me I have some negotiating to do lol

The only reason I would ever buy a landa is for the warranty. You can get a similar quality machine for much less.

Look into hydrotek

Bought one from water cannon. 8gpm at 3500psi, hot water. It has been running great for me.

is this true? I was under the impression that Landa was up there with Udor when it came to pumps.

Landa makes great pumps and have u packs. On a side note, I’ve been doing this a long time and never had anything covered under warranty. My Landa dealer sold me a bunch of Hondas at below cost when Briggs crapped out. Udor replaced a 6 year old pump with a new one and repaired the old one but that was not a warranty deal. Just appreciation for buying and promoting their pumps.

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Gotcha… makes me feel better about pulling the trigger on the Landa unit a bought a few months back :sweat_smile: I had bought a bunch of other stuff from that Landa dealer before and even rented a hot water unit from them for a job I did once and needed hot water. They have outstanding customer service so I didn’t really mind spending the extra $$$.