What could go wrong?

I currently have an XJM5 that is rated for 3 gallons per minute. What do you think would happen if I hooked it up to my new 5 gallon per minute machine? Worst case scenario it explodes. Best case scenario it doesn’t put out the appropriate amount of hw? I’m going to get the right insert but that Doesn’t help today

It will just be off on the mixture.

All my x-jets are stepped down because we run them off 70’ or longer draw hoses. Works beautifully.

Good, I’ll just test and adjust the hw. Thanks

You can always drill out the orifice if need be

So which size are you running on your 8GPM machine?

4-6 gpm

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Ok. Thank you for the info!

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When does it become a need to step down in size? Will be getting extra hose for when i need my xjet… havent used it yet but will for flatwork and brick.

No idea if it’s even necessary with the x-jet. It’s just how things have worked out and I found that the 3 gpm x-jet pulled on the 5 gpm with 100 feet of hose perfectly so I’ve been treating x-jets like injectors. 1 step down for longer hoses.