What cool iPad apps are you using for your business?

All you iPad or other tablet users- how are you pimping out your tablet for bids, presentations, etc?
I have been putting off the purchase but I think 2012 is going to be the year that I cave in.

Yeah right I’m still using my 6 year old laptop I have been looking at tablets,but man my wallet puckers everytime I start thinking I’ll upgrade.

I just use mine for the basics. Showing before and after pictures and emailing estimates using quickbooks online. In the very near future, I intend to use my website with the iPad along with responsibid for estimates that I do in person.

I also have a mount in my truck for the iPad. It holds it up nicely on the dash. So I use the iPad for GPS, too.

If I’m going to do it I would like to be really high tech and cool.
For once.

Short presentation, estimate on the iPad, shoot it to their email right then, integrate ResponsiBid, the whole nine yards.

Picture/link of the mount you are using?

Michael, I actually built it myself. It’s pretty simple. I’ll upload a picture in just a few minutes.

The app I use most is notes with the iCloud it syncs automatically with my phone. It’s great to always have your info in front of you.
other apps I use office 2 HD for spreadsheets. Keynote for presentations. Informant hd for calendar and tasks. Since I do most of my estimating over the phone I can get right on bing maps to look at their house. Zillow to also look at houses. So many things you can do with it. Definitely one of my best investments.

We use 5 ipads in our business. [SUB]Everything[/SUB] from simple spreadsheets to credit card payments on the spot. We use it for gps purposes and it works great with the customer factor too. Our crews love them. My sales manager uses it on everybid to give customers custom quotes with a picture of their house on every bid. We have it set up through a wifi network in his truck and a printer. People love it.

We have an article about recommended iPad apps in the new eClean Magazine (www.eCleanMag.com). I bought my iPad (first generation) used, through Amazon about two months ago and now I can’t imagine life without it. (I would recommend the Second Generation for contractors because of the cameras.) I’ve seen some ads on my local Craigslist for used second generations for as low as $125. With the new third generations out, people who are just into having the latest/greatest are getting rid of their older-yet-perfectly-good-models. You just have to be willing to look.

Here’s the pics.

I bought a 36’’ aluminum bar. Cut it half to give me two 18’’ bars. I bent them to fit the contour of the dash and to give the right angle to hold the iPad. I used double sided tape to hold the bars to the dash. Then I attached velcro to the bars and to the clip on cover of my otterbox defender case for the iPad. This allows me to clip the iPad in and out of the mount. It’s amazingly sturdy.

I wouldn’t recommend this setup in every vehicle. It’s probably going to block a good bit of view from the windshield - but in my tundra it doesn’t block much more view then a regular GPS.

I was looking at this and similar for fashioning a mount in my truck… Mount your iPad on microphone stands - YouTube

I had no idea you made that yourself when I saw it, [MENTION=74]EcoClean[/MENTION].

Look at you Micah… Nice work… Neat idea.

I have been so on the fence about getting the ipad 3… I was thinking about my behavior with the ipad 1 and I feel like once I got that I sorta slowed down on producing content and sorta switched to consuming content. Its nice to consume, but I feel like maybe its not such a good thing.

Tthis is the vehicle mount I use for the Ipad.

He had that when we were driving to the airport to pick up Curt Kempton from the airport and it worked GREAT.
I assumed he paid a bunch for it.

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disregard :slight_smile: i figured it out… sorry for the premature rant… stupid instructions i never read…

Anyone have a backup camera hooked up to their ipad?

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