What chems do you keep on your truck/rig?

What chems do you keep on your truck/rig? Let’s make a list of chems it would be good to keep on hand for everyday and specialty needs…commercial only. We will start a different thread for Residential.

  1. Caustic soda beads
  2. Degreaser
  3. Oxalic acid

4-liquid Chlorine
5-sodium hydroxide
6-Fresh Wash
7-grafitti remover

What type of graffiti remover do you like John?

I keep SH,F13, Fresh wash, CPR,Acid, Orange Citrus Cleaner, Windex, a Small thing of Gutter Zap… In the cooler at the bottom I keep a cpl beers for friday when we get back to the house at the end of the day…

There’s two of them-- taginator/tagaway and another one my local paint store sells but I’m hitting a blank. We did a big grafitti removal last month but I still have to go back to take the after pics. It was a $3000 job for this disaster and taginator came thru big. When I go back and take pics I’ll post them.

  1. Executive Heavy Degreaser
  2. Caustic Flake
  3. One Restore
  4. Simple Cherry
  5. Rekrete
  6. Hydroxide
  7. Taginator
  8. Infinite Green Enzymes

All mine are names of products w exception of caustic flake.

does any one by the chemicals to clean direct from a chemical supply house?

What is the cheapest and best sidewalk cleaner?

If hot water won’t clean them we spray house wash solution. And go on from there. Most sidewalks come Clean with just water.

  1. No.2 Truck Wash.
  2. Safety Brite Aluminum Brightner.
  3. Citri Brite Soap.
  4. AB-55 Aluminum Brightner.
  5. Omega K Degreaser.
  6. White Magic