What chemical is most effective for soft washing the outside of a mod.German House

I was thinking about getting into soft washing— in Germany not many people do this… the outside of modern German houses all look the same… the walls of the House have whats called " putz " this is like a plastered wall with texture then they are painted with i guess an oil based paint … quite often white in colour… you cannt attack these walls with a pressure washer at high pressure because yes it would do damage… but a soft wash might work… when you tap on the wall you can hear thats its delicate and there is soft shell of insulation over the Main blocked / brick wall

how effective is soft washing really then and what is the best all round chemical thats being used out there for such type walls / surfaces

Someone makes the materials for that wall system. That would be a good place to start looking for care instructions.

The description you give sounds a lot like our EIFS or Dryvit.

We routinely wash them with a juiced up house wash mix. We then rinse with high volume low pressure.

Thanks for the answer Tim , i guess there is no instructions on Cleaning these german walls . when they get dirty or run down people just paint them again but before painting begins ime pretty certain they are pressure washed with a low pressure pressure washer… ( incidentally my friend from the football club is a painter i will ask him ) … but will have too look into that … the other thing is which i was curious about is are using soft water to rinse ??? what happens when your in a Hard water area ? would all that lime scaled water leave spotting…

Thanks John