What causes this?

At a customer’s house cleaning windows, just wondering what causes the sealant to do this? Doesn’t even look like it adhered to the aggregate.

That can be caused by not allowing the moisture to dry out of the concrete throughlly before sealing. The moisture then wicks up into the acryillic and clouds it white like that.


And they rolled it on unevenly it appears so it’s thicker in some spots than in others.

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I can’t rule out this was a DIY job, can’t imagine a professional would do that.

Ahhhhhhh ahhhhh your in for a surprise then. I see hack jobs like that done by “PROS “at least once a month .

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Seems to be a rather common thing here, it’s no wonder customers are super skeptical about contractors.

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Roll it with xylene. Should release the moisture and set up more even.

Check this out

Garth Brooks driveway. A contractor dripped diesel down it. The contractor hired a well known Washer to fix it. Instead of using proper chems he used pressure leaving the diesel, removing the existing water based sealer. Then, went back over it with high gloss acrylic sealer which obviosly wouldnt match. Contractor had no idea what to do and the PW company that jacked it wouldnt touch it. Took 3 days yo fix. Will never be 100% tho.

The diesel went right through the water based like butter tho. Something to note.


That’s crazy.

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