What can I use to remove olympic waterguard stain off pine fence?

Hello friends.
Customer called and she said that fence folks used two different stains of the same brand on a link of fence and she wants to have it washed off. The brand they use was Olympic water guard from home depot. I am posting the images of stain they used and the two tone fence. The area on the right is the one wanted to be removed. The fence is made of yellow pine.
Please help with advice!
Thank you!

I’m not a wood expert but i’d say you’d be better off sealing the left side to match the right rather than try and remove the sealer

She did not like that tone of wood so she asked if it can be washed off. She said that left side was already sealed with lighter stain.

Walk away, it’s going to be a real PITA to get them to match exactly if ever. Tell her to wait a few years and a lot of the waterguard will be pretty much gone years. I promise you she will not want to pay you anywhere near the trouble it’s going to be.

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@Racer Thank you for the insight. I will probably do just that. She also had some concrete to clean, about 500 sq ft but she acted as if it was secondary to her whim of having stain “pressure washed off the boards”.

That is the problem with some of these jobs, people have no idea what they are asking for. I got one of those calls the other day, I had just cleaned a deck to be stained. About a week after the staining “can you wash this stain off so we can do a different color?” It’s not their fault, they just don’t realize what they are asking. They just think it is that simple.


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