What can I use to clean painted cedar siding and old aluminum siding?

Client wants his old aluminum (white) siding cleaned. Moss covered and slightly black in areas. Also have a client with cedar sided house that wants their siding cleaned. What do you reccomend? How hot of mix do your run with this kind of siding?

Ambient temp

What type of application do you use?

X-jet - coming off of a 5.5 GPM pressure washer, with a 10:1 proportioner.

I do batch mixes, in a 6 gallon bucket - typically if I wanted a lighter mix I’m going with 1gallon SH 12.5%, 3 gallons of H2O and 4 oz. Arm & Hammer with oxi clean or elemonator for surfactant.

My “heavy” mixes are 3 gallons SH, 8 oz. surfactant, and 1 gallon of water

68-73 degrees Fahrenheit

Then your mix should be about that hot

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haha yeah, I walked right into that, thank you

DOH! :grinning:

You do realize you don’t have to mix batches when you x-jet? Just put in the 22:1 proportioner.