What braided chemical hose for soft wash set up?

Hello friends. I am building my soft wash set up to apply SH mix.
I am wanting to have around 150ft of braided hose that would stand up to a strong SH. What is the hose of choice that pros are using?
Thank you.

I see Kuritec written about here all the time. And ag hose. The up and comer hose I see written about now is flexzilla airhose. In the 70’s a particular vehicle manufacturer used airhose for its flexible portions of its fuel line, some still in use.


I’ve had my 1/2 Flexzilla on for a week now, and it’s awesome!! Soooo much lighter and easier to deal with than poly braid. If it’s 1/2 as tough as the garden hose I’ll be happy!

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Might want to go more than 150. I have 200 and wish I had more some days.

Do you have a 12 volt pump pushing the juice or do you have air pump? Will 7gpm 12 pump be able to push through the 200 ft of it?

I have 12v and only 5.5gpm and no problems with 200’ of hose. Like I said, wish I had another 50’ some days. I would assume with no issues at 200’ it would handle a little extra. Might affect distance a little, but I’m very pleased with what I currently get.

Would go with flex tech it’s the best!! 200 ft and 5/8 can’t tell munch difference in weight between it and 1/2 Kuritec. 5/8 will give u a little more distance and when it starts to wear out u can install 5/8 Barb’s and use it as a supply hose. Around three hundred bucks with 1/2 SS crimped ends.

Does it flatten out on the reel like the flexzilla garden hose does? Guess that would be the only downside to using it over flex tech. I use mine alot and don’t unroll the whole reel. Unless the air hose is more Stout and don’t flatten out?

@Coolunderpressure. No sir, it doesn’t. I’m pretty impressed so far, lovin’ it. :sunglasses:

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