What books and podcasts are you guys reading/listening to?

I am trying to refine my business mindset and have been recommended Andy Frisella so have been listening to his MF CEO podcast.

What all are you guys listening to or reading that you feel has elevated your mindset/thinking to another level business wise?


I would recommend audiobooks like: American Icon by Bryce G. Hoffman, Titan by Ron Chernow and Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. Listening to how these people built their businesses (and all the ups and downs along the way) has been really helpful. Don’t worry about listening to every bit, mind drift seems very common and happens to me often. Don’t rewind if you miss something, just tune back in.

My all time favorite is Jim Rohn, man is an absolutely LEGEND. Hes old school but his teachings and wisdom are timeless.

If you don’t enjoy reading, which I don’t, I got sucked into this 100 page book and read it in two days
Twelve Pillars by Jim Rohn, great principles put into an entertaining story
It teaches 12 Principles for Success
I had ChatGPT give me a summary of it

Twelve Pillars is a book written by Jim Rohn and Chris Widener that outlines twelve principles for achieving success and living a fulfilling life. The twelve pillars are:

  1. Personal Development: Continuously improve yourself through reading, learning, and personal growth.
  2. Attitude: Maintain a positive attitude and outlook on life, and choose to focus on what you can control.
  3. Goals: Set clear and specific goals for yourself, and develop a plan to achieve them.
  4. Leadership: Take responsibility for your life and become a leader in your own right.
  5. Communication: Develop strong communication skills to better understand and connect with others.
  6. Relationships: Cultivate meaningful relationships with people who support and challenge you.
  7. Financial independence: Learn to manage your finances wisely and strive for financial independence.
  8. Health and wellness: Take care of your physical and mental health through exercise, nutrition, and self-care.
  9. Time management: Learn to manage your time effectively and prioritize your tasks.
  10. Personal responsibility: Take ownership of your life and decisions, and don’t blame others for your shortcomings.
  11. Character: Develop strong moral and ethical principles to guide your behavior.
  12. Legacy: Focus on leaving a positive legacy and making a difference in the world.

The book emphasizes the importance of each of these pillars and provides practical tips and strategies for incorporating them into your daily life.

I also just youtube search jim rohn talks
It’s All Risky! - Jim Rohn - YouTube
“We all must suffer one of two pains, the pain of discipline, or the pain of regret. Discipline weights ounces, while regret weights tons.” Jim Rohn
“I’ll tell you how risky life is, you’re not going to get out alive” - Jim Rohn

The dude is the greatest, and if he was still alive. I wouldn’t blink twice on paying 10 grand to see one of his talks live

Your talking about changing your mindset, this man has it all, look no farther :smiley:

Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins. It’s not a book about “these 7 steps will make you successful” crap. I don’t buy into any of those things. This book is about a guy who had a terrible child hood and grew to become and Navy Seal and the best athlete you’ve ever heard of. As he says, he’s the hardest mother ****** around. And it’s true. He teaches you about improving yourself and pushing yourself to your full potential. VERY motivating.


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True crime because my inner 46 year old housewife thinks it’s interesting.


Lol my wife loves true crime podcasts

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That man is an absolute animal, he never gives up. I heard him telling a story where he ran a marathon and halfway through, he found out his feet were broken, he duck taped his feet up so they’d go numb and finished the run lol He never gives up or gives in, great mastery over that voice in his head
If you can catch any of that Never give up mentality from him, Hes definitely worth the listen.
I’ll be honest, I’ve listened to many of his talks and interviews but he doesn’t do it for me, not to say he won’t do anything for others, everyone is just different :slight_smile:

The reason I enjoy Jim Rohn he has such a gentle approach and delivery that hits like a Mack truck made of common sense, the way he puts things is so simple a 1st grader can take from all his lessons.
What he teaches just makes things in my brain ‘click’

David gives the approach, ‘Quit being a wimp, quit using excuses’
If you enjoy that approach Dan Pena is a champion of yelling at you to stop being a loser lol that man is brutally honest :smiley: