What attachments for a 4400 (or over 4000 psi) pressure washer?

Hey guys, first post here. So I recently got a 4400 psi simpson pressure washer and love it by itself, but almost all the surface cleaners and many of the tools I see are only rated to 4000 psi. If I could do it over again Id buy a 4000 psi cleaner for that reason alone (food for thought before you buy).

I ended up getting a 4000 psi surface cleaner but to use it I have to lower the psi with the unloader and use a gauge, and even then I imagine I’m sacrificing GPM’s. Anyone ever deal with this problem or have a solution? thinking about getting the simpson 4500 psi surface cleaner (because its the only one I can find…im thinking they planned that) and then some new nozzles to lower the PSI for concrete, because I read on here that 1800 psi is usually enough and above 2500 usually isn’t needed.

looking to get lots of practice so I can start my business and want to get everything dialed in first.

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Research how much psi will drop per 100ft of 3/8 hose

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thanks Ill take a look, I have read about it but forgot the number. I would still probably be worried about pressure spikes though, paranoid about it spiking and bursting a hose or something.

edit: looks like about 90 PSI per 100’ of 3/8" hose

Now have a look how nozzle size can affect psi, keep in mind how long your hose will be and you should be understanding better

You’re splitting hairs here! Do you really think the sky will fall over a few hundred psi?

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1 psi per foot is the normal drop rate, don’t worry about it.

Don’t adjust the psi using the unloader. Set it and forget it. Lower the psi with the nozzles and you’re nowhere near the 4000 max surface cleaner psi. If you’re running your surface cleaner at 2500 psi via nozzle selection why be worried about a 4400 psi pressure washer and max 4000 psi surface cleaner when you’re 1500 psi lower than that? 4400 psi is only that max if you want to run it there with certain nozzles. You could have a pump that puts out 10k psi but, as long as you lower the psi of your surface cleaner or attachment, you’re not running them anywhere near that. I’d rather have a high psi pump just in case I ever actually needed a higher psi for who knows what.

As mentioned above even if you were running 400 psi over that’s not going to hurt anything. Most equipment is probably rated twice as what it says just to cover their butts.

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Ive researched that already and would like to adjust the nozzles, i am more just worried about the surface cleaner having 4400 psi on it when it starts, or when not in use.

I know the pressure will just build up outside of the gun until i pull the trigger, idk just trying to cover my bases and be safe/csreful with my equipment

Nah, i never was worried about that. I just dont want to overload the equipment and have some sort of failure

I do hear everyone say not to use the unloader because it wears it out or something, how does it do that? I do plan on going full psi and just switching nozzles especially for the gun so i can get my full flow rate but until i get new nozzles i did plan. on using the unloader.

Is there any literature on that? The pressure doesnt matter at the gun but when running the surface cleaner thing? Seems like its probably true, im just trying to be careful.

And yes id agree 400 psi over probably wouldnt ruin it but i just wanted to make sure, i couldnt find anything on the manufacturers website about what the surface cleaner was rated for. I beleive the hose was rated for 4000 psi only when i was looking on my machine. Thank you for responding i highly appreciate it!

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Dude, your overthinking this way too much!

I’m not all that knowledgeable on unloaders but I don’t think it has much to do with wearing them out. They aren’t made to adjust pressure. That’s what nozzle selection is for. If you’re not careful not only can it cause damage to your pump it can also be dangerous. Set the unloader to where it’s only bypassing a trickle of water and leave it be. Be sure to have the appropriate nozzle when doing so.

One thing I remember reading is that unloaders regulate pressure they don’t make pressure. Pressure needs somewhere to go when you let off the trigger. The unloader is what regulates that pressure and sends it to bypass. Without an unloader the pump would be trashed. You don’t want to mess with something that prevents a pump from blowing up.

If you don’t have the proper nozzles wait until you get them. You’re only talking a few business days to have some delivered.

Lol i know, i tend to do that. Buuuut rather overthink it and atleast consider everything instead of the opposite. Analysis paralysis, thats the story of my life

You need to devote the rest of your weekend to reading through posts on this site. You have a long way to go.

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Practice on that, Because running a business will test you in every way possible and you will go crazy or quit!

For sure, trying to get insurance and everything first but tbh i think id tell someone else to just get started and have an llc.

For sure, I’ve read quite a bit already. will read more but i think i have a pretty good understanding for a beginner.

Not a whole lot of experience and practie yet but a of research and youtube videos. Things like my surface cleaner question have been kinda tricky when i get conflicting answers from different websites and people

Here’s a solution to your problem.
Sell your machine and buy a proper contractor model.


Not a bad one tbh.

Curious what you mean by contractor model? Just a higher quality one or with different specs? I absolutely do plan on upgrading at some point to a higher gpm machine an would maybe just go with 4000 psi if i plan on a lot of surface cleaning

If you had done more than an hour of reading on this site then you’d already know a lot of the answers to your questions. YouTube is 99% hacks that have no clue what they’re doing. Read here and learn.

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